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A very big boy

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OK is it normal for my male manx kitten of about 5 months to weigh more than his sister, I think he doubles or triples her. Also all my other cats when they were that old never weighed so much, Piccolo is about 7 months and he is under the weight of Gizmo. IM sorry to say but I dont have his weight number, i will when I go to have him fixed though. I can guess 5-10 lbs

He eats the same as the others. Is he just big for his age?
The only other cat that seems to match him is Tabitha but she is coming close to a year old now.
Here is a chubby now photo(s).
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Hi there,

Just letting you know that your kitty definitly doesn't look like a manx. Here is the breed description for a manx cat - http://themanxcattery.co.nz/index_files/Page464.htm

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He's not a pure breed kit it thats what your saying. Gizmo was given to me by a person. She found him and his sister in her back yard. They were around 5 weeks of age when I got them. I doubt any cat found on the street is a pure bred. I kniow they didnt belong to a anouther person since they were scared of people and the way the acted and the conditoin they were in.

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Yup, that's what I'm saying. Because The Manx cat, is a breed. No bigee though.
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I used to identify Lion Tiger and Bear by their size when they were very small kittens because it really was the only way to tell them apart until their coats started to show some variation. Bear was always the biggest and Tiger was always the smallest. Tiger is the female (since renamed Tiger Lily and going by Lily). They are all going on 3 years old now and Bear is still the biggest in terms of length and height, although Lion has a stockier built, so they both weigh about the same. The little sister Lily is still smaller boned and smaller sized than them and weighs 2 1/2 pounds less. They are all at good weights for their builds. So, I would say it is probably normal, especially if the female has always been smaller than her brother. It is more important that the animal is a good weight for its particular body type and shape than whether he or she is the same size as a litter mate.

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It's not unusual. Jamie was the biggest in his litter, and weighed almost twice as much as the smallest kitten. They'll be 6 in April, and Jamie is still twice his brother's size and weight.
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I keep in touch with the folks that adopted Scarlett's siblings. They are all full grown now and Scarlett weighs in at 6 pounds, and her brother Twinkle Toes weighs in at 18 pounds. Males can get quite a bit larger than females from the same litter.

I had a Manx once and he was a huge boy. He was from a shelter, but had the traditional Manx body shape - very stocky, taller back legs and wide arm spread. We called him the wide-body.
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