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Maybe rollarblades were NOT a good idea

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So I am 25 years old and have never been able to rollar skate in my life. I just never tried it. Well my bf's son (my soon to be step son ) has been wanting a pair of rollar blades. He is 8 and can't skate that well either. Well I got my income tax return a few days ago and decided I wanted to get him something special. So last night we went shopping for rollar blades. We both got a really nice pair and decided we would learn how to ride.

I did great last night, especially with it being my first time. I managed to only fall once and it was a small fall, no big deal. He did good, well if you count falling every 20 feet

Today we decided to go riding again. We are riding around an empty parking lot, both of us doing great. I was even learning how to stop a little better. I got a little confident on them and was riding aorund the lot getting a little quicker and I don't know how it happened but my feet sped up in front of my body and I crashed HARD . I fell so hard I swear I saw stars circling my head. I fell backwards so I scratched my hand up, but my butt took the hard hit. I am hurting so bad I can barely stand up and sitting down is a challenge. I have a knot on the side of my leg the size of a golf ball that is all ready black and blue. If I am hurting this bad now I hate to think about tomorrow

Guess I just felt like whining a little to you guys since I am feeling so bad
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OMG, I hope you get better. I never fell when I learned, but thats because I did it on the porch going back and forth. But to make you Laugh I have a small story

We have a big porch with old railing and below the railing is a flower bed with a concrete raised edege. Well one night about a year ago I decided to de the scene from "Titanic" where Rose is at the front of the ship or was it the guy, oh well. You know where they lean forward and Yell"I'm the king or queen of the world". OK I was doing that and leand against the railing and all of a sudden the railing gives and I flip over the rail, bringing half the rail with me, I hit the corner of the concrete side(the corner) on my butt, I had a bruise the size of a fist and well my Fiancee was laughing at me and never let it go at all. I was teased by him.

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You got your tax return already? Niiice... I'm jealous.

Well it was sweet idea, sorry it didn't go so well though! Do you see another attempt in the future or have you had enough?
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I hope that the next time you go (the kid, too), you're wearing knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet. You can get seriously injured rollerblading. A woman here lost control on a hill and died from her injuries!
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Aww Tanya....I'm sorry you had a crash! You probably bruised your tailbone and that's really painful. It sometimes takes a while for that to heal up. Just take some Motrin before you go to bed and again in the morning......that will help with any inflammation that might be going on.

Better luck next time.
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I was just trying to sleep but I can't get comfortable at all. I decided I was starving but oo sore to cook

Your right Deb! As a matter of fact, I am planning on going back to get pads for myself (he had some all ready ).

I do plan to try again next time he's here, which will give me 2 weeks to heal up.

That story about falling over the railing is pretty funny Mine was a little embarrassing because we were rollar blading in the parking lot behind the shop where my bf was helping some friends work on their truck. When I fell I told him to go get his dad. Well apparently he got there and started yelling that I was really hurt bad. So my bf came over and I was crying and he helped me back to the shop but it was embarrassing because his friends were all there

Oh and I got my tax return so fast because I only had one w-2 and I work in a small office. We got them ready the beginning of January and I filed turbo tax. My taxes are really easy and I got direct deposit into my checking account.
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OH! OUCH! Hope you're feeling better soon, Tanya!
post #8 of 18 probably are already doing this but..a golf ball sized bruise that fast? Best be icing it down (safeguarding skin), then after 24 hours, you can go to applying warmth...but I'd keep an eye on it, I'd be worried about a hematoma there.

(I once fell off a mini-motorcycyle...hit my inner thigh on the handlebar and ended up with a open-hand sized raised bruise...nurses at work in the our changing area were like, don'cha think you ought to get that seen?? Of course, I didn't (bad patient here).
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i bruised my tailbone last year, omg it hurt like heck! Hope you are feeling better soon!
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If there is a health food store near you go and get some Arnica Montana tomorrow, to help minimize the bruising
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sorry i have to laugh. i have never been rollerblading outside of my house. only in my room.. we have floor boards
Actually today i saw beautiful ice skates for only 20 euros
i was so tempted to buy them after watching ice skating dancing on the sports channel Omg i so want to do that!!!
BUt i will probably be old and gray before i get to get going good on ice skates!
Good luck for next time
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Well I am still hanging in there. My tailbone is still sore but I do believe it is just bruised and have been managing. My left arm though has been hurting badly. It has gotten worse since it happened and not any better at all so I just made a doctors appointment for tomorrow morning to have it checked out. It's in 2 places, my shoulder and right around my elbow. I am not happy about thing since it is Super Bowl week and there is so much going on here in Jax. They have the NFL Experience which is an interactive theme park where I wanted to play football!

MA, the stuff you mentioned Arnica Montana, a friend told me about that as well. The health food place near me was closed Sunday and I actually didn't even leave the house. I laid in bed on the ehating pad most of the day.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
OH! OUCH! Hope you're feeling better soon, Tanya!
feel better Tanya...
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Ooooooh Tanya i can feel those aches and pains now Hope you feel better soon!.

Hey it's years since i roller skated!, wonder if i can still do it now?!
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Glad you are getting this checked out...fwiw, arnica montana is what I've used with great success for my post-spay and c/section cats (with my vet's approval). It works well!
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Tanya, I cringed just thinking about falling like that! I'm a general klutz anyway, don't need any help from in point........a few summers ago I was walking thru the house, shorts, t-shirt, no shoes, walked thru the laundry room to my bedroom, stepped in a puddle left by one of the kitties, one foot went straight out, and I landed all almost 200 lbs of me on the other bare knee, on a tile floor! Within 5 minutes, I had an egg sized swelling on said kneecap, x-rays were fine, but it hurt like heck for several days! Hope this gives you a bit of a laugh, and everything turns out to be fine for you!
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Well I went to the doctor this morning. I don't have any breaks but my shoulder has a bad sprain and I pulled a muscle that is in the back of my arm. I have to use a sling for 4 weeks. But, she wants me to come back in 2 and said that if it has healed enough by then she won't make me wear the badage and sling for the rest of the time. I sure hope it's better in 2. I HATE this thing! It makes everything so complicated. Try driving a stick shift home with one arm in a sling, while your trying to eat a cereal bar because your starving and your cell phone rings
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Originally Posted by squirtle
Try driving a stick shift home with one arm in a sling, while your trying to eat a cereal bar because your starving and your cell phone rings
Did you manage?? Glad nothing was broken at least
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