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Kitty laryngitis?

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The little female who hangs out at our house has lost her voice. We don't know who she lives with, though we are sure she has a home because she looks healthy, has been spayed, and is so friendly. However, she is at our house constantly. She is there when I get up at 6:00 and greets us when we get home at night -- even when we are home very late. So, I don't know whether she has been abandoned. I tell you that part because I don't know whether to take her to the vet for her loss of voice. If she is already on medication it would be bad for me to give her more -- but if she isn't being cared for, I would like to take her to the vet.

Does anyone have an idea why a cat would loose her voice (it has gotten worse over the past 3 days)? And....what would you do if you were in my shoes?
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I would bet that if she is at your house so often, she might be abandonned or almost in the process of being abandonned. If she is so friendly, she is suspect she is not being well taken care. Greeting someone in the morning and at night shows she cares for you: shouldn't she be doing that in her own home? She is doing it at your door...

Maybe you could try asking around if she belongs to some neighbor?

If it were me, I believe I would take her to the vet, because it's not normal at all for a cat to loose her voice. I don't know if layngitis exists in cats but i would be worried something is stuck in her throat.
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