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What do you think of this?

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Today we went shopping. We dropped into a shop that sells really lovely, but unusual stuff in the city and saw this. We're redecorating our bedroom at the moment and thought this would sit just nicely in a little corner

It's only small - just small child size - we haven't got any small children but hey! never mind! Lily thought it was worth checking out though - she even stopped playing with her crinkle ball to have a sniff:
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Lily looks so cute sitting next to it! Is Addie getting on well with Lily?
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Awww how cute is that!!!!, i love it!.

That has to have been made just for Lilys size as well!

P.S. Rosie and Sophie have the same crinkle balls!!
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Well, it looks like it's just the right size for Ms. Lily! It's very cute.
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That is such a cute little stool! What a find! I am sure it will look great in your room!

Lily looks so cute next to it too!
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that is precious!, what a great find
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That's just so cute, Beth, what a fantastic find for your bedroom! I'm so glad Addie approves!
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Awww thanks guys. Hubby loved it so much he just grabbed it - he wasn't leaving the store without it and I don't think anyone dare try to take it from him

Lily also tried perching on top of it and decided it was suitably throne like for her!!!

Chris - Addie and Lily are having a bit of a supremacy contest at the moment. For a timid kitty Addie certainly thinks she rules the roost and is quite prepared to chase Tippy and Felicity - they take some careful management at the moment. However - Lily KNOWS she rules the roost and has been known to sneak up behind Addie and swipe her butt!

Lily is getting on fine with Felicity and Tippy though. In fact Tippy (skitziest cat in the universe) is usually all teeth and claws, but the other day she sneaked up behind Lily and just sniffed her. Then she sat down and watched her. Tippy was wandering around with a really puffed up chest all day after that because she got so much praise.
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Oooh, I like it!
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Oooooo, that is sooo cute!
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I like it too!!
infact i saw a coffetable similar to that design!!!
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That's cute, I like it.
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I think it's adorable! And I think Miss Lily will enjoy sitting on it.
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I love it, and of course Lily looks adorable next to it. It's just her size. By the way, Simba's fav toys are those crinkle balls, as well. He plays fetch with them.
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Omg that's super cute! Great find!
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Very sweet!
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Thanks everyone, we liked it too. Now we've just got to finish the room! LOL!

Lily likes the crinkle balls, but only to bat around, she doesn't play fetch. If we throw it, she looks at us as if to say "you threw it, you fetch it" I'm sure she thinks she's playing for our benefit some of the time.
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too cute!! I never find stuff like this-all my furnature comes from Target-and sometimes Ikea

and your little Lily looks so cute next to it!!
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