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Dori's Panic Mouse

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I bought Dori a Panic Mouse yesterday. I saw them on sale at Petsmart and I have been wanting to get one for her. When I first turned it on it was on high speed and the thing hit her right in the face! It kind of stunned her and she wouldn't go near it after that, but insisted on playing with the box it came in I left it on for a while and ignored her and it and she became interested in it, I could tell she was gettting aggravated with it though because she kept getting hit. The toy doesn't hit the ground at all it hangs about 5-6 inches from the gorund, right near face level. So I have now tied a bit of her green rope to the end of the panic mouse she it drags the ground a little and she has been playing with it for about 10 minutes now.

Anyone else have one? Also my bf is wondering if any kitties have learned to push the button and turn it on themselves?
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There was a thread about Hissy's Panic Mouse, RIP. I believe it whacked poor Prowler in the face a few times until she finally taught it lesson,
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My kitties turned it on by themselves one day But I would be careful and not leave it unattended. It can get wrapped around their tail, one day I found it upside down in the corner of the room, I have a feeling it may have gotten wrapped around one of their tails and they panicked.
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Oh boy, Dori has a Panic mouse! What fun, Sierra wants to come over and play, Aunt Tanya!Hope we get some pics! Sounds as if it takes a bit of adaptation and getting used to? Wonder if Petsmart will still have that sale Monday? Looking forward to hearing other's Panic Mouse stories!
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I've never given one of my cats one of those, but I know they would love it!

i did used to have a toy that was a ladybird. and when you would pull the string it would viabrate and turn around in circles. Heidy loved it as a kitten. I was so surprised and proud of her when one day she held it down with her little paw and pulled the string all by herself! I was so amazed cuz she learned it from me. So you never know, maybe she will teach herself to turn it on!
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My kitties did learn to turn it on by themselves. In fact, they would turn it on all the time and didn't turn it off. (I guess they didn't learn that part) I'd hear that thing going all hours of the night. I finally took the batteries out one night because it was keeping me awake.
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If your cat can open doors by jumping and pulling the handle down then, its most likely they will learn to hold the string down
If i shut my bathroom door completely my cat ewill just pull the handle down to come and sit on my lap!
I mean when i do get to have any privacy
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I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but the motor on mine seems to have died after about 5 months. It also ate batteries like candy, I had to replace them all the time. He still plays with it though even though it doesn't move around.
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I took mine back to the store. I did figure out though, if you have a sturdy stool or even a firm cardboard box, you can elevate this toy and duct tape it down. That way it will stop hitting your cat in the face. Like I said, whoever designed this toy does not have cats, or kittens!
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Very clever, MA!
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Jamie got one for his birthday last year, and so did his brothers. Jamie found it completely boring, though he loves "fishing pole" toys, as did one of his brothers. His other brother was terrified of it. I gave Jamie's to the "cat home", and it was wrecked within a week, as one of the former ferals thought it was "looking for a fight", and swatted it against a wall a few times.
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I've still got to buy one of these and one of those cat water fountains - my excuse is they haven't been in NZ long.
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