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I stumbled across this forum in search of help with my very new fourth cat, and wow! Happily reading through everything now!

I live in Northamptonshire in the UK, with Victoria who was my first cat and knows it, she's ten and a silver tabby matriarch. Then there are my two nine month old sealpoint Ragdoll boys, Jake and Mitja. Jake is the family clown and Mitja is just a total sweetie, they're both incredibly laid back and total cuddle monsters. And my newest is Jasmine, who is Jake's half sister and four months old. She's a blue colourpoint. The raggies adore each other and go round in a gang, which leaves Vicket in peace- her idea of how things should be!

The three kittens all arriving last year followed a double tragedy in the house, I lost my gorgeous persian boy to cancer in summer last year, at the age of ten, and two months later my two year old Maine coon boy

I've been incredibly lucky so far though, all four cats get on well... fingers crossed.

Looking forward to reading through the rest of the forums!

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Welcome to TCS, Ranger!
Victoria, Jake, Mitja and Jasmine sound like a sweet foursome!
So sorry about the loss of your two boys.
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Hey hey!

Welcome! 4 cats? Wow... I just got my second and am surprised how fun/stressful it can be! You have TWO Ragdolls? Oh my word, I am soooo jealous... I've wanted a sweet Raggie since I first heard about them 2 years ago! Do you have any pictures?

I'm so sorry to hear about your two boys dying last year, how sad... but I'm sure you know (or at least I hope you do) that they're in a better place, happy and playful!

We're glad to have you here and are looking forward to getting to know more about you and your wonderful furfamily!
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Welcome to you and your 4 cats! I have 4 cats too - around here having only 4 cats is normal.... quite a few have even more.
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Hi and Welcome
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Hi, Sierra and I welcome you, Victoria, Mitja, Jake, and Jasmine to TCS ! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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HOPE those two come through- the top one is Jake, the second is Mitz. Don't yet have a nice one of Jasmine, she doesn't often stand still long enough.

Thankyou for such a warm welcome, it's so nice to be somewhere where four is normal! Usually I get the 'aren't you young to be crazy catwoman?' look.

I would seriously recommend raggies as a breed! I'm in love. All my three play, wash and cuddle together and sleep in a heap- they'd include victoria in that if she'd let them and they still haven't given up trying to persuade her. They follow around everywhere, from room to room. Whatever I do is usually done with at least one if not all three raggies helping!

Thanks too for the kind words re my passed on boys- I did find the Rainbow Bridge site when my persian boy died, which helped a lot.

Hope these pics work!

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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Welcome to the site! I'm another big fan of Raggies...they are so beautiful!

I'm so sorry too for your recent losses. They will forever be with you in your heart...
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Hello and welcome!!!!

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Welcome to TheCatSite. Btw, I can't see those pictures.
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Hi and Welcome
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Hello Ranger, welcome
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Hi and welcome! You'll have to add me to the list of jealous folks about your Raggies.....they are so beautiful! Hope to see you around, and if you need help, just let me know!
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Hi And welcome

Mindy and Zeus
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi Ranger, Welcome to TCS!
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Hi Ranger, welcome to TCS! I know you will learn great things from some incredible people here!
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a bit belated but...

welcome to tcs

I am so sorry to hear about your recent losses - maybe if you feel up to it maybe you could post a tribute to each of them in the rainbow bridge forum

your family sound adorable - looking forward to seeing photos and getting to know you better !!

welcome again...
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Thankyou for such a warm welcome, everyone! There are so many nice people here owned by so many gorgeous cats!

I'm still trying to get the pictures to work, I will figure it out soon. And Huggles, thankyou for the suggestion- I did post a tribute to my two boys on the bridge thread. It made me very tearful, but it is nice to write about them and a very safe place to do so.

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