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Neighbours cat!

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Firstly I'm new! HELLO!!! I live in Bournemouth, UK with my boyfriend sadly we don't have any cats because we are renting the house and aren't allowed any *Grrrr* anyway,

We aren't on best terms with our neighbours, They have a lovly cat which I only just recently noticed gets pushed outside in there shed, from what I can see they lock her/him in there so he/she doesn't run away. When there kids are home from school they put up this chicken wire like fence up so it can't escape and allows there children to play with there cat (which sometimes looks rough). YET i'm sure it's never been in the house, I've only owned one cat when I was younger but never heard of a cat being left in the shed.

I was going to phone the RSPCA to come pick up the cat but then thought i'll ask my boyfriend to jump over the fence in the morning when they are all out, sure enough my darling boyfriend (who does anything for me lol) jumped over the fence. When he got to the shed he shouted "I've found him!" (don't ask we why he shouted) and managed to pull the open open without breaking it, my BF was there for about 10 minutes then jumps back over and said that the cat slowly came over to him and seemed like he/she was ok, there was food and water in the shed and it looked pretty clean except his toilet box (which i'm guessing is his litter box lol please don't blame him he's never had a cat) was pretty dirty.

Now if I phone the RSPCA to come for the cat the neighours will know we phoned them and we've already had a number of fights so I don't really want to make it any worse. But I really don't want to leave the cat like that. The shed looks terrible, I doubt it can keep rain out and god knows how cold it is in there at night, I've heard it crying some nights which makes me feel like I need to go help.

Please I need help on this matter

Sarah xxxxxx
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If he'd being exposed to the elements (rain and cold), and doesn't have an adequate bedding area to bunker down in and keep warm and dry, and is caged so that he can't find a safe area, then I say it's animal cruelty. I would hate to see a cat left in those circumstances.

Call the RSPCA and then play dumb. They won't tell your neighbors you're the ones who called, and if the cat has cried at night, then you're proabably not the only ones to have heard it. Or, get another neighbor to call for you, so then you really wouldn't have to lie (if you're a bad lier, this is a good idea.)

If anything, the RSPCA will come and probably scare the owners into taking much better care of the cat.
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Can you call the RSPCA anonymously. That way they can check on the situation with the kitty and your name won't get mentioned. The poor kitty I just can't imagine anyone not letting their kitty in!
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For the cat's sake, I really think you have to call, as unpleasant as that might make relations with your neighbors.
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I'd call them as well. I know i have to keep Rosie and Sophie shut in the spare bedroom while i'm at work because of the alarm system, but at least it's warm with their food and water etc.. and plenty of room to play around in, because a garden shed isn't!
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I agree - call the RSPCA. Locking a cat in a shed (does it even have windows that let in light or that he can see out of?) is cruel. He's isolated, probably cold, and so lonely he's crying. No life for a cat. They're keeping him as an "amusement" for the kids. What happens when the kids lose interest? Will anyone remember the cat's in there?

Don't even hesitate about this. Make the call. I just hope something good comes out of it and the RSPCA doesn't say there's nothing they can do because the cat's been provided with "shelter", food & water.
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Good news I phoned the RSPCA they brought out 2 people, I was watching from the window & after what seemed like 30 minutes they finally went to the shed (which did have a window) and they took her. I have to say I feel so much better, i'm pretty sure what I heard during the night was the cat crying so I really feel great right now. The RSPCA who did take my name said they would keep the call as NO NAME after I explained the situation but I feel so good I might go tell them!

Anyway I might phone the RSPCA and see what they are doing with the cat, do you think they would tell me anything?


Sarah xxxxx
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That was a great thing to do Sarah. I'm not too sure if they will tell you anything?! hopefully.
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Thanks for the update Sarah! I'm glad the kitty will be taken care of now!
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well sadly they wouldn't tell me anything expect that they'll look after her and she'll be re-homed (female cat, about 2 years old) well I'm still feeling good about myself helping that cat out.

Thank you everyone xxxxx

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Sarah, you did the right thing, and I'm glad the RSPCA responded quickly. Do you know if they spoke with the people who kept the cat in the shed? I hope the RSPCA puts their names on a "blacklist". Local shelters here do that to avoid adopting animals again to people who've already proven not to be fit adopters.

I hope this sweet cat will soon get a home where she receives the love and attention she deserves.
She has a chance for that now, thanks to you.
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I'm pleased to hear they have took her.

I would imagine that they would be having a word with the owners because the RSPCA have the authority to prosecute.
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