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Herpes Virus in cats

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A few weeks ago someone sent me a site address. It was about a lady that had written a book on the shots that dogs get. And how the dogs got sick after the shots. The reason I ask is because my friend just lost another Cornish Rex that was current on all shots. He died from Leukemia just like the one did a few weeks ago. A lady gave my friend 9 Cornish Rex's 3 years ago. All have died except 2. They also had Herpes Virus. They came out of the same cattery. Makes you wonder...I would like to have the site address again if I can get it.Prayers
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The only thing I wonder is why people breed cats and let them contract these things. Niether the leukemia vaccine nor the feline distemper have caused a full blown case of either. The biggest worry among vaccines is cancer. Disease in catteries spread like wild fire. My guess is that this breeder had all of the above, I very seriously doubt it was from any vaccine.
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I agree with what you said. It is the breeders & the catteries. I just hate it for my friend that took the kitties from the breeder. The first one to die had cancer. That was 2 years ago. My friend paid $300 for the one that died a couple of weeks ago. He was the only one that she paid for. I have been in a couple of catteries. They were bad. Not as bad as a Puppy Mill but close. I would never get a kitty from a breeder. Unless I went to their cattery. I was told today that most of the cat people that show cats do not get the shots for their cats. They have to have Rabies. Its State Law in Texas. Prayers
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You know, there are so many people who show cats, it's hard to say which ones vaccinate. There are also so many debates on the vaccines as well. I personally don't give the Leukemia vaccine because my risk level is very low. All of my cats are indoors and any newcomers get tested. However, we vacciate with the feline 4 and rabies. As a breeder, I tell people they shouldn't buy from pet stores and catteries they havn't visited. I wont ship my kittens either. It is very sad that your friend is suffering because of an irresponsable person. I havnt found any good articles on vaccine induced disease, but if I do, I will post it for you.
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I hope I did not offend you by saying what I did about breeders. Its just that the breeders I know have up to 40-60-80 cats. I do cat arts & crafts for a local humane society. And go to 4 cat shows a year to raise money. That is how I have gotten to know them. Some of the conditions of the catteries are not good at all. I have only inside cats. All have come out of my back yard. I do not get the shots either. Again I hope I did not offend you. Prayers,
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Oh, not at all. I am probably somewhere in the 5 to 10 percent of breeders who really does take care of everyone. Most breeders I have met have made me sick to my stomach. One of the reasons I decided to breed is the lack of healthy happy cats. If there ever comes a time when I can't keep up with the daily cleaning and all the precautions, I will call it quits and maintain who I have. Of the 11 cats I have, 6 are rescues from the streets or a breeder. I also have my house/cattery veterinarian inspected yearly. IMO there is always room for improvement when taking care of a large # of cats. Hygene is always an issue. Maybe someday, we can rid the world of breeders who disregard a cats health if people stop buying from them.
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Sounds like your doing all of the right things. And it is sad that the breeders I know are not. They breed & breed to get the ONE perfect cat to win ribbons in a cat show. One kitty I saw a month or so ago was a female in a cage that had not been cleaned in I do not know how long. She looked horrible. She was so skinny & had loose bowels. I hope she died. The place was so bad that I came home & took my clothes off in the garage & sprayed my shoes with Lysol. Then took a bath. Its not the first time I have done that & it won't be the last time either.I need to shut my mouth. I just hate it for the kitties. Prayers,
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Don't shut your mouth, You just keep educating people on how to find a good breeder if what they really want is a pure breed!! The word needs to get out about what goes on far too often. Kittens leaving mom way too early, cats in cages left to poop through the bars, cats having litters one after the other. All breeders are not this way, so people need to know what to look for!!
Don't feel bad, I do the same thing when I come home from shows just incase. I even do that when I visit someone with any cats other than mine.
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I saw that you have the Munchkins. That is what the people raise at the cattery I saw. The kitty in the cage is a Munchkin. She had 2 babies that were out of the cage. They both had runny eyes & noses. I gave the lady an article on Herpes Virus. I do not think it sunk in that I was refering to her cats. They now have a new little momma with babies. So here we go again. More sickness. Are there certain laws or whatever in the Cat Shows? Like CFA & TICA...do they have guidelines to go by? I have often wondered about that. Better get...Prayers
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Associations are supposed to follow rules such as you aren't supposed to bring a sick cat to a show. If it is showing signs, the show manager or judge is supposed to call in a vet. If the cat is not sick, usually the show club will absorb the cost. The associations really don't go after people they know are mistreating thier cats. It is really up to someone with heart to call in the state and report filthy living conditions and such. I don't show in TICA,CFF or CFA, so I don't see what really goes on. I also don't have any contact with other Munchkin breeders because I havn't found any that are worth talking to.
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Sad to say that the State will not do anything. They did make animal abuse a felony finally. City officals will not get involved. County officals will not either. You have to have an animal lover in office and then maybe something will be done. Those kitties I was talking about live in the house with the people. Thats private property and it would be hard to get an policeman to go with you. I have given it a lot of thought. What this area needs is an Animal Abuse Officer. We can't even get the county to build a shelter. By State law our county has enough people that a shelter could be built. The animals are last on the list. Its not just here in our area. Its all over. Prayers
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It is so sad that there is nowhere to turn. Of course a majority of society believes that cats are very expendable. This goes for dogs too, but cats are more prone to be forgotten. I am actually disturbed at not just breeders, but people as well. I work for a vet and the things I see on a daily basis make me want to throw up. I have actually considered another line of work. Just an example(today of course). Lady brings in a white persian, persian is VERY thin, dehydrated and alas, when we go to draw blood it is INFESTED with fleas. Owner sais oh, she has only been like this for 2 weeks (my butt!!!!). Tell the owner that the cat is constipated and needs to see a civilian vet to have blockage removed. Owner is going to see vet, but thinks she will just euthanize. Tonight especially I am very upset with the attitude that people have. To treat a LIVING creature with such disregard and fail to maintain health!!!!
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Then you see all the ones that idiots bring in. I am sure you have some days that you would like to quit. I do not think I could work at a Vets office. I am to old to even think about it. I have a friend that is an Animal Control Officer. She has some real horrible stories. Some I had just soon to not have heard. There are no leash laws in the cities here for the cats. Just for the dogs. She called tonight & said she had brought in 15 dogs today. They don't take in cats at all. If this county ever gets a shelter, I can't help work at it. I will do what I can to raise money for it. I do not think I will have to worry about it...not in my life time. I have my own shelter. I have 2 dogs & 13 kitties. Everything has been spayed & neutered. I do not want anymore. Like you said you have to stay on top of everything for them. And it does cost a pretty penny. They all eat Hills Science Diet. Plus medicine for them if they need it. Several of these kitties are getting older. So, more problems. Here I go rambling on again. Prayers for you to have a good day tomorrow
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