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New Here, too!

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I am new here, too. Registered last weekend. My name is Kim & I am 24. I live in Arizona and am married. My husband and I have 3 cats, so far: Cinammon & Fluffy, both females. And, Tigger, our bengal kitten, 9 month old girl. Soon, though, we hope to be getting her a boy kitten as a companion for her! Hopefully within the next 2 weeks!

We also have fish...... which I have a website for them.

It's nice to find another cat board!
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Welcome to thecatsite, Kim. I'm sure you will enjoy it here.

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Welcome to the catsite Kim. My husband is from Arizona..it is very nice there, just a little hot in the summer!!
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Welcome to the forums, Kim! I just got done welcoming you in the thread of where everyone is from also, because I hadn't seen this thread yet. Glad you have joined us!!!
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Yes, welcome Kim, I am pretty new as well, my name is jessica and I live in London with my boyfriend and my cat Sophe who are 9 months old.
I am from Sweden but have been living in London for soon 2 years and I will probobly stay here for ever or until we are getting really bored of this country.
I am looking for a nother cat so Sophe can have some one to play with when we are working but I cant really ask anyone here, you all live in London, and it is little bit to far for a cat to travell all over here, hi hi hi hi!!
but anyway, welcome and hope that we are bumping in to one onother sooner or later.
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Hi Kim, welcome to this great forum. My name is Brandy & I am married & live in Upper Michigan with my 3 boys (cats) & my Rottweiler, Caleb.
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