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WAY too much "help"

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As I have to work tomorrow, today I'm off and am getting some of my weekend work done.

I had no trouble getting the bathroom litterbox out of the house, dumped and filled with bleach water. While that was soaking, I began sweeping the bathroom, preparatory to mopping. All three cats decided to attack the broom and then scatter what I'd swept up. Finally, I got to the mopping part. Rowdy "supervised", from the tub and the boys hung around the doorway. When my back was turned, Buddy dipped his paw into the mop bucket and flung water, around the hallway.

Leaving the bathroom floor to dry, I proceeded into the kitchen. A great hue and cry was heard, when I put the food and water bowls on the counter. Opie opted to guard them, while Rowdy and Buddy "helped" me sweep.

I use a long-handled scrub brush, on particularly stubborn spots and Buddy thinks that this is his cue to play "pounce". Once I started mopping, both Rowdy and Buddy tag-teamed the mop. Is it any wonder, that it takes me 30 minutes, to mop an average-sized kitchen?

By then, the litterbox was dry and I brought it into the laundry room, for refilling. Before I could get the fresh litter in, Rowdy jumped into it and peed on the bare plastic. Never mind, that there was a clean, filled box sitting right at my feet. Once the fresh litter was in, she jumped back into it, before I could get the cover on.

As I'm typing this, Rowdy is banging on the litterbox cover, while poor Opie is trying to pee. Nobody or -thing is safe from Rowdy's depredations. Is it any wonder, that I do not have a spotless house? I need a cat wrangler, in order to get any housework done.

At least, I will be able to get the vacuuming done, with no interference. Opie and Rowdy dive under the bed and Buddy watches, from the top of the bookcase.
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We have a verrrrry similar problem!! HA.
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My Gracie helps with laundry, tying shoes, cook dinner, etc. She has to supervise everything. She is the queen of the house. George...where's the recliner.
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Oh dear does this sound familiar!!! My Conner has been reeking havoc on everyhting lately!!!! A real pain!!(but a cute one though) I am glad I do not have multiple cats cuz Conner is more than a handful!!I sympathize!!
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Bill will do laundry tomorrow and HE can wrestle with Rowdy. She always jumps into the washer, as its being filled with clothes and into the dryer, during loading/unloading.
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LOL! Too funny Cindy! I know what you mean about going in the litter tray before you have kitty litter in there. That's what I fill mine outside now.
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That sounds very familiar! I steamcleaned the floors today, and Jamie had a wonderful time running and sliding across them. I finally locked him in the living room while I redid them.
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