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just wondering if anyone knew...

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I'm looking for something to do to earn extra money. I have a full time job but I'm broke and I need the money. Anyone have any ideas??? I've gotten to the point that I might even have to sell some stuff on Ebay, to make some money.
Apparently Xmas hit harder then I thought...
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I'm right there with ya, Barb... except I can't even find a full-time job right now... Good Luck, hun!
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Barb, not knowing what city you are in, I do know that one of thebest places for part-time job listings is Craig's List. www.craigslist.org
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Do you have a budget. Write down ALL expenditures. What can you do without??
How about a temp firm??
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I use a budget, getting my gf to use it and stick to it.. thats a diffrent matter. Although we do not stick to it 100%, it does let us project into the next few weeks how our expenses are going to work out and let us see what we can and cant do with. It also helps to make sure bills get paid and we dont end up "short" wondering what happened to our money. Of course, like most people, once we start to get even a little ahead that becomes time to spend more instead of saving more and we end up back to the borderline again. :P Best of luck finding a job or income, I do various odd things on the computer since I am disabled and don't go out generally, but to date have not found anything that actually "pays" any decent wages that I am able to actually do from home on my own schedule involving computers. But don't give up, life always works out in one way or another, just not always the way we hope or expect and good things will come to you eventually. I am sure lots of our thoughts and prayers will be with you in these tough times.
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Well i am in the same boat.
What i had planned to do was to make some things and sell them on ebay.
Instead now i have no income at all and i have nothing to make to sell.
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Shovel snow!!! What happened to the people who used to shovel snow for 5 bucks or so??? There are probably 15 kids in my immediate area and when I asked if any would be interested, half just looked at me like I asked them push a mountain and the other half thought 15$ was the lowest appropriate price! My goodness, my driveway is only two car lengths long and only 1 wide! Sorry, a bit off topic...

I would say try a temp agency for sure.
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Thanks for all the fantastic suggestions!!!!
I would go to a temp agency but my full time job isn't set hours( I work in fast food as an asst mgr) so I really couldn't work anything more then two days a week and those wouldn't be set days either.
sashacat421 I live in Iowa. I guess I never even thought to tell you all that. It does help to give you all the info huh? LOL!
Cirque I hear you. My husband lost his monitor due to water hitting it a few weeks back and instead of getting a relatively cheap one, oh heck no he has to get one that costs almost $500.00! like we can afford that!!!! I almost choked on my heart when he told me that (after we already had it of course!) He is a toy junkie. Now mind you I spend money for food and I dont' care how much it is and I spend it every week, but that's ALL I spend money on ( well gas for my car,$17 a month, I work 3 mintues from home, but other then that, I don't go anywhere or do anything, he does and the money goes with him!) I swear he needs material things. Why I don't know. it's strange. He buys the weirdest things only to leave them by the roadside(so to speak) a month down the road, I swear. The only things the's kept up with would be, his cell phone(pda of course) but that's because he needs it because of my epilesy, in case I need to get ahold of him, computer, and fish tanks. otherwise his turntables are sitting in the other room collecting dust, but if I talk about getting rid of them, miraculasly them he NEEDS them and they are interesting again( for about a week, or until I stop talking about getting rid of them).
Ummm. Hello, my name is Barb and my husband is a toy junkie.....
Grissom I can't shovel snow, I have a bad back and also if I shovel snow, it could (for some odd reason) make me have a seizure. I don't understand it. I'm not allowed to unload our truck at work either. Something about pushing myself to hard,and stressing.... I'm not sure. The doctor told me the last time I saw him but that was a long time ago, last summer or the summer before, not sure, memory sucks too.
I have limited things I can do. It kind of sucks. will, good luck to us all in the lack of funds club!!!! hopefully we all will find the windfalls we need to get us thru the lack'o funds we are going thru!!!!!
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I am in the same boat now, as I am working for a local salary instead of a fat international one! I thought I was going to have to move out of my house, which I love as it is cat safe and in a very rural but convenient area, but instead, I have managed to rent out a couple of rooms. I don't really like living with people, but as the house is large and I have the biggest bedroom I still have a good measure of privacy. I have also made a bit of money proofreading and translating, which I can do in my own time at home.

In the past I have done B&B which is not difficult if you live somewhere with an inflow of commercial or tourist visitors. Call local corporations and put an ad in the local paper - often people prefer to stay in a private house than an impersonal hotel.
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How about computer skills? Maybe there is something you can do online to make a few extra bucks? I generally donate my time myself since I don't work, but keep hoping to find someone whos got a use for my talents.

Most games say it's against their policy, but what about finding one, getting "Rich" online then selling those riches or items for real money on Ebay? In the past I have made a few bucks selling "gold", "credits" or virtual "items".

So far I run a free website for a program author that gives out free software used in online games and do graphics work and beta testing for it, and of course make signatures for people for game worlds or pets. I even did some "in-game support" for a popular MMORPG game which got me a free account there for the life of the game, but that does not pay the bills.

If anyone finds a way to make money, let me know too. Until then I will keep telling myself its better to give then to receive and try to enjoy the simple life.
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When my sister's husband went on strike (he was vehemently opposed, but the union voted to strike), she started thinking creatively about making extra money.

They had garage sales. She would make a couple hundred dollars at each one, and would do stuff like package up her kid's slightly used crayons in lunch bags tied with ribbons. People would buy them for 50 cents a package. I packaged up bundles of paperback books, by theme (mystery, romance, biography) etc. and sold them for 5 or 10 bucks a package. She also took books to a used book store in the area and got cash for them. I remember doing that myself years ago, I had a job but didn't have bus fare to get to work until my first pay day, so I sold used books and got about 20 bucks.

She started baby sitting, just casual basis, but taking kids after school when their mom's needed time for shopping or something.

At her garage sales, she prepared home made pizza and chocolate milk, and the people who were out "garage sale-ing" for the day would buy food.

She started a little catering business. There are a few seniors residences in the area, and people would pay her for single portion frozen dinners, delivered to their homes. Some times it was just because they didn't feel as able to cook for themselves, some times it was just for the convenience.

She did grocery shopping for shut in people.

You could also make up flyers for typing services. I know that a lot of people type (keyboard) themselves, but still, they are slow, and don't like doing long reports or letters, and spell checking.

And selling stuff on ebay is not a bad idea.

It's amazing how a little bit of money here and there can add up.
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