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I'm not new to this forum, but I may have a new a cat. Last night this kitten about five months old, followed my husband up from the parking lot of our complex to our apartment. He ignored the kitten because he had a flea collar, but the kitten stayed and whined outside our door. So Josh set some food out for it...but that wasn't enough. He still wined. I was at work while all this was happening. So Josh scooped up the kitten and put him in one of our cat carriers and put him in the bathroom to keep him away from our other cat Frodo.

When I got home he explained everything to me. We wanted to take him to a shelter right away...but then Josh fell in love with him. So we decided to make a flyer to put up and if someone doesn't claim him in a week, we think we'll keep him.

My question is, how do I introduce the two cats? My cat Frodo doesn't even know he's a cat...but he does know that there is another creature in the house now besides him...and he's upset. He hisses at the bathroom door.
I have an appointment on Monday to get this new cat checked out at the vet before I let him around Frodo. So this cat will be held up in our bathroom until Monday at 2pm.
I read in a pet magazine to get the two cats to familiarize with each other's scents by trading out the toys that they play with. Is that the best idea? Can anyone think of anything else?

Heather and Josh