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Let's See How True This is!

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It's been said that the one thing that attracted you to your significant other, is the same thing that later on, causes most of the arguments and you find annoying.

Is this true for you?

In my case, one guy I was seeing was a master in the martial arts, which I'd admired and thought was awesome, but later it turned out that that's ALL he was about (including using it on me.)

Another guy was so friendly with so many people and I thought how well liked he was and how socialable. Well later I found out he was more socialable with EVERYBODY than I can describe here, if you know what I mean.
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Nope, it's not true for me. What attracted me to my BF is his kindness to humans and animals and his honesty. I could NEVER get tired of that!
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no sorry me neither.
What attrached me to my husband is his honesty, compassion, and respect towards my feelings and I'll never tire of that. ( and of course his fantastic butt! LMAO!!! )
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This is true in the case of my ex-boyfriend... I was attracted to him because he was older than me, more mature than most guys I dated and very intelligent... It turned out that because he was older than me he thought that he knew better about EVERYTHING and treated me like I was a little kid... He wasnt actually more mature than any of the guys I dated and he was intelligent but a know-it-all... and as intelligent as he was, he had no common sense... and after a while the conversations we had bored the heck outta me... LoL
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Absolutely for me!!! When meeting Tony,, I thought he was so charming,,, which now translates into what I consider a chronic flirt!!( not anything really bad, though,, really)
Also, I was like wow!! Someone with a brain I can argue with!!!,,,,which now translates into me just avoiding arguments with him at all cost because there is no physically possible way for him to be wrong.(Drives me crazy!) I was also attracted to his athleticism and his propensity for learning new things,,, which now I realize that the athleticism means he plays basket ball all the dang time and his propensity for learning new things has gotten him all tied up in this poker craze,, which means I am too!
So yes,,lol, I'd say its true for me!!!!
PS-I still love the pain dearly though!
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The funny thing is, when I first met my husband, I didn't even like him! It just wasn't the right time. I met him again about 6 months later and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me the first time! I fell in love with him because he is a good human being with a wonderful heart. (Don't get me wrong, he does a ton of stuff that drives me NUTS but it's not what made me love him!)
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Hmmmm... as far as I can remember when dating past girlfriends, I don't think I was attracted to something that I learned to despise about them later, but I can see how it could happen to anyone. However, I do recall noticing traits I didn't like at the beginning that just got worse as the relationship went on.
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What originally attracted me to my bf was his "dangerousness", and it drives me crazy now.. He's one of those bad boys with a heart of gold.. but the badness is like hill climbing with his truck or doing donuts on the interstate in the snow and where I used to get hot from the excitement I now find myself clutching with white knuckles screaming for him to be careful. But that's love
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What attracted me was his I'll give you everything you want attitude, hasn't caused any problems yet. And of course his kind heart and love towards animals. Can't beat that!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
What attracted me was his I'll give you everything you want attitude, hasn't caused any problems yet. And of course his kind heart and love towards animals. Can't beat that!
The catch is that you may find he gives everyone else what they want too.
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LOL Lets hope not, we have been together for almost a year(in about a week) with hardly any problems soooo yea....
post #12 of 16 husband is a musician (a fantastic piano player!)

anyway, all of the arts and music was something that we had in common and it is what first brought us together, but as our relationship got more serious the arts became a problem because we worked different schedules, and we were always out of money.

so, until we got that handled it was a big problem sometimes still is, but we have found our happy medium I think but boy, we really raised the roof on some of those fights
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Nope. What attracted me to Rob was his twisted sense of humor, which I share, and his argumentativeness, which I also share. So far so good... I love a good argument... Maybe later though it will get on my nerves.
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I'm not quite sure what attracted me to my husband when we first met....

But the thing that irritates me beyond all ends is how he insists on breaking wind in the KITCHEN!!! Anywhere else in the house is fine but just not the kitchen... that is where I COOK!!! (And while I did think he had a nice fanny when we met I didn't think of the full picture!! UGH)
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The thing that attracted me to my ex was his butt and his friendliness. None of these things caused problems for us. LOL
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