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As I sit here and read these with my hubby I have to giggle, you see he has never been owned by a cat!!!...And when I first brought sierra home to him, his first reaction was NOOOO get her outta here...LOL.....and for some reason sierra took to him, now she owns him!!!..He is the reason for me even writing the posts, he always asks Sierra, Sierra why are you licking me, why is it sierra that you come when I call you but you ignore everyone else!!..I sit back and laugh!!! Remember this is the man that said NO!!!....But I did have to explain to him that her previous owners were going to put her to sleep if we did not take her...their reason was she was gettin too old.....So I took her and took her to a vet....found out she was only 7, and in great health...So now I tell him that he was her angel!!! We have now had her almost 2 years!!!Last night we had to deal with our usual routine, of trying to convince the cats that they have their own spots on the bed, and sorry that we cant get any bigger bed king is the biggest size they make!! LOL But in the end the love is worth it