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Curious Cat, meet Scaredy Cat

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I brought my new baby Tigger home last night. She was recently spayed and is about 6 months old. She's basically terrified of everything and spent most of the night making pitiful meows. We've bonded a little in that if I sit on the floor and put her in my lap she'll stop shaking and purr and purr. (She even climbs right back into my lap if I put her on the floor) But mostly everything is terrifying and she still hadn't eaten when I left for work. Poor baby, I'd be scared too. Even with the feliway plug in the world is a scary place. So I figure it will take a couple days.

But here is the dilemma. The door to my bathroom (where Tigger is living) wont latch. And it's the only room with a door that I think Shinobi (my 10month old girl) can part with. But any closed door means that something AWESOME must be behind, obviously, and though I've velcroed and barricaded the door closed (getting to the bathroom is now an obstical course of boxes and other items I hope I don't have to pee urgently) she still finds ways to push it open. (though the latest iteration has lasted a few hours now) I've let Shinobi smell the carrier that Tigger came in, and Tigger has a pillow that Shinobi sometimes sleeps on. Is there anything else I can do to help any accidental meetings go okay? Or to help make this process less terrifying for poor Tigger?

Even better does anyone have any other semipermanant door closing proposals? (I can't drill holes, I rent) The Home Depot guys were patronizing and less than helpful.
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Does the bathroom door have a handle that you can tie a cord or rope around?

In my old apartment, the bedroom door wouldn't latch either and it was the only room other than the tiny bathroom that had a door. I would take a rope, tie it around the handle, then I put a large nail into the wood door frame, angled away from the door, loop the rope around the nail then back to the door handle. The nail hole can be easily repaired with putty and wood pulp filler when you move so it doesn't create a lot of damage. The rope secures the door closed but is relatively easy to get off if you have fingers and are able to work at the level of the door knob - things most cats aren't too proficient at:-).

Hope this helps

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We have to keep our basement door closed so the cats don't go downstairs and reak havoc. But we don't have a door knob on the door so we just took a thin piece of wood (I can't remember what they're called) and stuck it between the door and the jamb and that seems to work really well and it won't damage anything.
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I have the same problem with my bathroom door, and Henry is kept in the bathroom at night - I solved the problem by buying a 'hook and eye' and attaching them to the door, they keep it securely shut. Perhaps that might work for you as well?
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Well something happend last night and our scaredy cat became much bolder, no idea what, but now I can't even Pee without her trying to get into my lap. (TMI, sorry) She actually broke out of the bathroom while I was trying to get in. Shinobi now sits gaurd outside the bathroom when she's not watching the snow. And any attempts by tigger to make friends are met with hisses growls and swats. We're trying to keep them separate still but Tigger's constant "I'm lonely" meows do wear on the nerves. Going to try feeding Shinobi nearer Tigger's room tonight, Seems like this is going to take a while. Thanks everyone for the advice, the nail and string worked beautifully, now if I weren't so wide as to have to actually OPEN the door to get in all would be well.
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Okay, now I'm completely lost. New Kitty is clearly tired of the bathroom and wants to get out all of the time. (Unless I put Old Kitty in the bedroom, in which case... hiding) And NOW New Kitty leaves the bathroom and heads straight for under the bed. Where Old Kittywatches her until food or toys distract her. Then New Kitty will pop out while Old Kitty is gone, and sometimes she'll head back to her "safe" room, other times she will explore till Old kitty gets back. What is going on? Why is it that they are always trying to be together, but yet still don't like eachother? God I'm sleepy.
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I just had to add here....it is definitely your landlord's responsibility to make sure that you have a bathroom door that shuts!
Good luck with the kitties
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Unfortunately, I dont think there's much you can do to integrate them nicely. They just have to get used to eachother. And there will be paws flying and hissing, but you would be amazed at how quickly the two can get along!
I have an older cat that I have had for years, and she's always been an only cat. Then I adopted Smudge who came into our lives like a whirlwind! Samantha did not like her! And it took about a week before they quit fighting, and now they just ignore eachother. Hopefully, you will find peace with the two!
Also...you pay rent there...your apartment manager or whoever is responsible to fix that door. I would put in a workorder and get it fixed, and only lock the kitten up if you have to. I hope this helps.
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Sounds to me like the kitty's are curious about each other. My guess is the new kitty is a little lonely & is trying to gain the old kitties acceptance. When i brought Isaac home I was terrified of how Jordan would react, but he did very well with it. Once I knew there wouldn't be fights I let Isaac out of the bathroom when I was there & awake to supervise, then when that was going well he was allowed to stay out while I slept, then finally when I knew things were gong very well & I felt he was big enough to defend himself he was allowed out all the time. One suggestion, would be a baby gate, but a baby gate in & of it's self is not enough to keep a cat in or out.
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They are actually doing pretty well now. No more hissing. They chased eachother around all night last night. (The door wont stay closed, its all over, I close it they break in or out, I'm tired of trying to capture them) I separated them while I'm at work, NK is in a room with a door that closes. But it seems to be mostly play now, New Kitty is actually chasing old kitty back. (This morning I woke up to kitties wrestling on top of me) Although when New Kitty tried to enter the Kitchen this morning Old Kitty growled at her, so that may need some work.
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Well they have to work out who's Alpha & I'm sure the older kitty is just trying to show that she may want to play, but that the new girl needs to remeber who's in charge. All in all sounds like things are going well & they will at the very least be able to live together, but maybe they will even be friends.
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