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Hotel Rwanda

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Has anyone seen this movie yet? We went last night to see it and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. Even Rob cried a little. It was an amazingly powerful film. It didn't sugarcoat anything at all. I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, it wasn't nominated for best picture. I think it should have been over Finding Neverland.

So, anyone see it? Any opinons?
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I didn´t see it or hear about... sorry I can say nothing...
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It's on our list of movies to see but not sure if we'll get to it this weekend. A tough subject, though. Not really looking forward to it, but we very much like Don Cheadle.
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Yes. I have seen it, Amber. I am a movie buff and try to see as many as I can. This is a very powerful and deeply moving story and at least Don Cheadle got nominated (who I would see in anything!). So some good attention will come to it, but the real attention should be paid by everyone just seeing this movie. Did it kinda of haunt you afterward? I thought about it for days after I saw it.
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Very haunting... reminds me of Schindlers List in that regard. But yes, this is a movie everyone should see. It definitely gives you perspective on your life.
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