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I said no dont try it

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I do have a serious question here.....

I have a friend of mine that their cat she just bought, has earmites, She was told by the person she bought the cat from, that there is a homemade solution that you can use made with vinager and somthing else, that will clear up mites in a cat!!..my advice was, why take the chance, you can afford a vet, just take him to the vet!! Should she try this solution? And does anyone know what I am talking about?
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Me personally?, no i wouldn't dream of doing it!, unless of course someone here who has knowledge of it.

If i had no money for vet fees theres plenty of organisations here in the UK that will help, and i know other countries have them as well.
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Sometimes home-made remedies are not worth your cat's health. She should definitely take the cat to the vet. From what I've been told, treating earmites is rather inexpensive. My Mom's cat (Savanah) had earmites when she was adopted from the Humane Society. The vet cleaned out her ears, gave her a one month dose of Revolution and $50 later, she is free from earmites. It's not a difficult treatment either.
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Vinegar SHOULD NOT be used. Most vets will just issue the drops without seeing the cat, unless there are other symptoms that go along with the scratching of the ears and the shaking of the head.
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As previously stated, you are correct, please do not allow your friend to use this homemade solution for her kitty! Please encourage her to seek Vet. attention for her kitty. The treatment is relatively inexpensive, easy to administer, and will safely clear up the earmites!
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