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Last night, for the first time, I got a chance to see Busted!, the new show on Animal Planet about animals who help catch criminals. It is very interesting how animals that are dead or alive help to gather evidence to convict a criminal. They talked about the Leo, the bischon who was the victim of road rage. And also about Chief, a pit bull mix who was shot while defending his owners' life. He helped convict the murders through his dna. Chief's murderers were sentences to two life sentences plus another two for animal cruelty. Leo's killer got three years in jail plus another 8 months for illegaly filling out an accident claim for his company. I like to see criminals getting busted.
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WOW!! Sounds like a great show. I have never heard of it before. but I must remember to check it out. What time is it on??
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Yesterday it was on at 7:30pm Mountain Time. You're on central so I think it is on at 8:30 I am not sure. I will keep you posted.
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Great, thanks
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For those of you who want to know when the new show, Busted goes on, it is every Monday at 8:00 pm mountain time. It goes on after Animal Precent. I think in the eastern states its an hour ahead and in california is Pacific Time. It is a good show.
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Great Thanks!!
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The show last night covered how a white cat helped capture a murder suspect. And how some dogs and horses were able to locate two other criminls. I love shows like this. Every tuesday, I watch the New Detectives because I love how they look for evidence of a crime. I love forensic science. All the new technology is good to capture those who commit serious crimes.
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Wow, I'll have to look into this show much further, Thank you Nena!
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I saw that show last week and enjoyed it. I like most of the shows on Animal Planet.
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