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Purina One and "wet" food

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Hey everyone,
I am still sort of new to this site but so far have really enjoyed reading everyone's posts; this has been a source of wonderful advice.
I have read that some of you feed your cats Purina One. That is what I have been feeding Eponine for the past couple of months and so far she loves it. It's not the most expensive cat food, but it seems to be a very good quality cat food.
My question is: Is Purina One a good choice for a healthy cat that is neither overweight or underweight? Do y'all recommend any other cat foods that are both tasty to cats and very nutritional?
What about wet cat food? I give Eppie a pouch of Whiskas wet food 3 nights a week (she devours her "dinners.") Is there a wet food that is healthier?
PS- Of course I want to feed Eponine the healthiest food, but I have to add that I had a cat for 18 1/2 years (Stormy) and she ate nothing but Alley Cat. Funny, huh?
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I feed Rosie and Sophie the Purina One kibbles and got the approval from their vet on it

Here in the UK it's quite expensive compared to Whiskas etc....because of the ingredients which is less animal parts.

The wet food i give them is Gourmet Gold and Petite Pate which is also a bit more expensive than the other brands because again these brands contain 70% more fish and meat than the cheaper brands which i found they were only licking off the jelly and gravy and leaving the meat, which at the end of the day ended up being thrown away
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I also feed my babies purina one, that is exactly what the vet told me to get, he said that it is as good as the iams etc.
Now my cats too enjoy the wet cat food, so what I do in the Mornings I Mix the Purina one with a can of wet cat food, but after they have eaten that, the rest of the day they just get Purina one ....They seem to enjoy it.... As they awake me by 7 am ready for their breakfast!! :sleep2
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I also feed my boys PurinaOne after the vet's approval. They're both on Urinary Tract Maintenance formula. I try to buy high quality canned food for them. (I"m in work and have no idea which can is in my pantry right now) I also had a 14 yr old cat that lived on whatever was for sale. She went from Kozy Kitty to Meow Mix to Alley Kat. Its amazing what we learn with experience
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