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Mornng all, thought it was time to join a cat BBS, I mean I have a car and I am a member of a BBS, so why not one for the cats


Princess Ruba-feena (she is 8 and her favorite pastimes are eating and sleeping)

Scrufty ( He's 3, a rescue cat and he thinks I am his mum)

Finally TJ (Our latest addition, TJ weighs in at a healthy 11Kgs and his favorite activity is sheedin his fur everywhere!!)

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Aww they are beautiful! Welcome to the board! All four of you!
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What a nice family. Your comment makes me think back to the "old" BBS systems that used to exist and run on a system and handle a few people at once if lucky. Ahh the good old days. The internet has done away with those mostly.
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Hi and welcome!
Thanks for posting pics of your cats...they are adorable!!!
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Oh their so sweet!

And Scrufty has a nose smudge like Rosie and Sophie!!
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I said in your other thread - adorable!!!!!
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Now that's what I call cute!
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Such cuties!!!
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They are beautiful, I love TJ...I just love fat cats.
BTW Welcome to the site.
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