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okay okay, just one more pic, this is nerdles and Straws (taken like 4 months ago)
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NightSoWindy - you have GOT to stop posting such cute pictures!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!
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I would love to have another ferret.
They are so cheeky and cute and full of mischief.
I really miss Jean-luc and Q they were the best and even the kitties didn't mind them too much.
Q was a complete kleptomaniac that had a strange obsession with socks.
Jean-Luc was just a little devil, if there was trouble to get into he would find it.

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hee hee, Bodlover - sorry!

haha - maybe they thought the socks were just really flat ferrets to play with that's cute!

okay - since yesterday you can add on a second dwarf ham! hahaha
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There was a segment on Planet's funniest animals, about a couple of ferrets who were playing in a box full of packing, foam popcorn. I am beginning to love ferrets.
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You can tell we are still in the talking phase . . .

I managed to talk my kid out of a hamster. Every one I've ever had is a little escape artist and my cats bring me presents, so I'm not sure that's a good match. I like the hedgies but she isn't so sure. She is saying she wants a bunny. Does anybody have any experience with cats and rabbits? I'm afraid it's that prey issue again . . .
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NightSoWindy....I know, I need to go back to C&Q's I haven't been there for so long!!!!!!!!!! I used to be addicted to it, until I came here...:LOL:
That Kalandra is an absolute doll, and she knows so much about hedgies! Tell her I said Hi, and will try to come back to visit real sooon! (gosh I hope she remembers me!)
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oh yeah - Kal is great with the hedgies! She's gotten two other hedgies - the others that she did have died. I'm not sure if you knew or not. She's got some cuties now though! Their names are really neat, too - Nemali and .... man, I can't remember right now, but you'll just have to trust me - heh heh :tounge2:
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