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Other Pets

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Besides cats and dogs, what other pets would you guys own, or want to own? I like ferrets. I also like parakeets and finches. I like the white doves. My grandmother in Mexico used to own alot of exotic birds. Every morning, I would wake up to the sound of the birds chirping. I love doves. I would not own snakes because even though I like them, I have to sacrafice an innocent mice or rat. I know its their food. Sometimes I wish for a pot-belly pig or a mini donkey. But I think I will stick with ferrets and birds. I also like rabbits.
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I have horses, dogs, cats, a peacock, some pheasants and occasionally am asked to help rehab racoons, skunks, possums and squirrels.
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I think a hedgehog would make an interesting pet, but I will probably never actually own one. I have seen some hedgehogs on TV and they have such cute little faces. I also like fish and turtles.
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I have four Betta's as well as my three cats. In the past I've had a budgie, gerbils, a chinchilla, a hamster, guinea pigs, dogs,rabbits and a turtle. I want a pet rat really badly, but I'd like to research them more before I make the committment. Anyone with a pet rat?
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Melissa, I answered to your question about the pet rats in the "Guess what I brought home from the pet store thread" I hope you will read it.

I have 2 dogs, a german shepherd, and a mutt, and 12 cats, and 2 hedgehogs......(Lorie, they are great pets!! ), and 5 duprasi, and I used to have a rat up until she died yesterday.
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Can I count my pet from down South?? No?? Then how about a Catway?
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We have fish..... used to have a bassett hound, but my parents have her because we could no longer care for her. I think, though, after having the bad experience with her, we will stick to cats! Cats are so much more independent, yet still loving and affectionate.
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Debby; Well, knock me out of the Wonder Bed and hit me over the head and call me "Stoopid"; what is a duprasi? And why do you have 5 of them? Are they like Hedgehogs? How is the Merlinater? (hope that's not too many questions. . . . I been away
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Sigh...looks like nobody is gonna fall into my little trap and ask What's a Catway...so I'll tellya...about 7 or 8 pounds. :tounge2:
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I was onto you as soon as I saw the word "Catway". Nice try though.

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I like snakes. I had a little green tree snake as a child, but it didn't live very long.

I'd also love to have some hermit crabs.
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In my entire 32 years I've had 2 parakeets, a Cockatoo, a canary, a rabbit, 2 ferrets, 4 dogs (3 mutts and one labrador retriever), an iguana and now my very first cat. Also countless "found" box turtles (the labrador used to "retrieve" them from our backyard and bring them to us--I think she wanted us to open the shell for her), snakes, frogs, etc., who stayed for a day or so and then were re-released into the wild.

I now only have Ebony, the cat, but may add another cat later to keep him company.

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Kittyfoot.....HAHAHAHA.....No you can't include Meme as a pet! And if you would have waited a bit longer ( I just saw your post) I was getting ready to post that I wasn't going to ask what a catway was, cause I already knew it was about 10 lbs....:LOL: but you beat me to it, by answering your own thread! Silly guy... Give me a chance! :laughing:

TLK, The Merlinator is doing well, Sunday will be one month since his surgery, so I will be able to take him to another vet to see what they think of that lump. I wanted to give it a month, for him to completely heal, before I took him in again. Thanks for asking!!!!!
He is SO onery!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday I came home to find my husbands stuffed fox (that has a quail in it's mouth) with both wings of the quail laying on the floor beside it. Of course Merlin just looked up at me like, What? What did I do? :LOL:
I had to fix it real fast before hubby got home, or Merlin would be out the door for good! (thank God for super glue!!!!!!!)
And Duprasi are the most wonderful little creatures, soft like a chimchilla, docile, and store fat & water in their tails like camels do in their humps, (they are little desert creatures, and very loveable)
I will try to post a pic...but it never works for me...

nope...didn't work again... sorry.
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I saw your post a while back on Duprasi, someone else must have posted a pic because I fell in LOVE with them!
I went to a few pet stores and haven't been able to find one, although I havent asked the employess at any of them.
I have a few questions for you...
What type of equipment do they need?
How long do they live?
Do they prefer to be solitary or have companions?
How much do they cost?
Are they "stinky"? :laughing2:

Ok, thats all for now!

As far as pets, right now I have 6 cats...
Cagney- 3 years
Lily-7 months
LunchBox, Poppy, Louie, and Rudy (Really Ugly Duckling=R.U.D.)- almost 8 weeks...Rudy is the adorable runt!
all the kittens' names were given to suit some characteristic...LunchBox is obvious, she's the chowhound, Poppy makes popping noises when agitated (which is often), Louie was named for Lewis of Lewis and Clark, because he's the adventurer, and Rudy, well, I explained that one! :LOL:

and I have my parakeet
Ping the pingpong ball!
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Well at the moment I have only four cats....but previously I have had... 12 hamsters, 4 guinea pigs, 5 rabbits, 2 goldfish, three dogs (miniture poodle, Bernese Mountain Dog, and a German Spitz - he was the dog from hell!!) and 7 cats (including the four I have at present) I would love to get some hamsters and guinea pigs again, I love the "weebing" noise the guinea pigs make!! too cute!! I'd also love another dog, a BIG dog!!- but alas my hubby only favours the puny dogs.....hee hee - I like them too, but I prefer big clodding dumb dogs!! ha ha ha... (and of course I'd like more cats....)
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I have 2 hedgehogs (Lilia and Azure), a dog (Julian), and a dwarf hamster (doot)

Lorie - hedgies are just about the cutest little things I have ever owned, but they can be a bit moody. Here's a pic of one of them:

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Awwwww!!! Nightsowindy that is soooooooo sweet!! Can you actually pet them much? - Just wondering cos with an animal that cute I'd want to cuddle it!!!
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Well you have to spend a lot of time with them so you and your hedgie can "bond" but after that, yes Although they will probably still quill up when you try to hold them and puff a little bit, they're fine once you have them in your hands. They have the softest fur!
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How cute!! We have a hedgie that comes to visit us sometimes.....we usually find him with his face in the cat food bowl!! hee hee....
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heh heh hedgies looove cat food. You probably have a European hedgie going after your cat food, don't you? People usually have African Pygmy hedgies as pets, they're a little different as you might tell from some pics A lot of people are surprised to find out that they like chicken as well as other meats too. They are not rodents so you don't have to worry about them chewing on things, and they're actually very clean and don't smell. (well, clean except for the poop boots they get from running in their wheels). One of their favorite things to do with tp tubes, is not the chew on them, but stick them on their heads and run around or fall asleep with them there. haha - it's so cute. Here's a picture of Lilia with a tp tube on her head while she's sleeping (oh, that reddish spot on her back if you see it is paint from her last owner)
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Oh that is tooo cute!! Could I adopt the hedgie from my garden or are they not the "pet" type? does it make a difference? No where here seems to sell hedgies for pets, not that I've seen anyway... I haven't even seen any in the rescue centres.....they are sooo cute though, where would I get one from? - or do you just adopt the ones you find? oh, and yup I see the red on her back - what did they do to her?
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Ha anybody owned a pot-belly pig for a pet? I heard they can be great companions and as smart as a dog. I will probably never own one, just curious.
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How funny! I was just hinking about hedgehogs today, and here y'all are talking about them!

Daughter wants a hamster when we get in a house, but I'm afraid the kitties would hunt it. I was thinking a hedgie might be a good substitute, it could protect itself with those quills! But do they in general do okay with the bigger animals?

Also, I just got a trivia in my e-mail that says hedgehogs (and armadillos) are the only animals that actually need fleas to be healthy. something about it stimulates their skin? Is that true, and if it is, how do you keep the other animals flea free?

I want all the info before we make a choice! Nothing like making a bad choice and breaking a child's heart . . .
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I'm sorry to say that I am pretty sure that hedgies as pets in the UK are not allowed, but I did see a link that said that someone over there could find african pygmy hedgie breeders --- I will get it for you and post it later, k? Oh, I think the breeder was selling hedgies from the litter that Lilia came from and she wanted to keep Lilia so she marked her when she was little and they all had to stay with the mother still. Then when the people who were buying hedgies saw that she had a mark, they knew she was going to be kept.

no no no - fleas and mites are bad for hedgies - mites especially - they have been known to kill hedgies. Well, when I showed my hedgies to my cats, my cats were actually scared of the hedgies, they try to bite my cats for the fur haha :lovegrin - it's kind of cute I have had no problems, and they are VERY easy to take care of, this is all you need:

1 big sterylite tub ($15)
1 vellux blanket($15)
1 wheel ($30)
water bottle and a dish ($10)
litter pan ($6)

you can always extend their tubs with pvc pipe and another tub

That's all you really need You just cut the vellux blanket up into a square so that it fits on the bottom of the tub, litter pan in the corner (you can litter train hedgies), and stick in the rest of the stuff. It's cool because their favorite toys are tp tubes! They don't chew wood stuff, so youdon't have to buy chew sticks, and for a month's supply of food you only have to pay $5.00 (8-in-1 hedgie food.) For treats they like mealworms. You should also give them fresh fruit and veggies, also some meat (it can be baby graduates sticks). You can go to http://chins-n-quills.com/forums for a LOT of info. That's the other forum I belong to (CryingOnThInsid). You should check it out
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Hermit crabs, they are the quiet ones. Not noise makers like the cats.

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Ok, now I want a Duprasi AND a Hedgehog!

Whats the initial cost of a Hedgie? I like the idea that they can be litterbox trained! Also, do they need any vaccinations?

Jeez, like I really need another furball!
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hedgies usually cost between $90 - $200. They do not need vaccinations and you only have to take them like once a year to the vet for a check up (not even that often, but that's what I do) and it only costs $40 max usually. You can also find a lot of info on my hedgie page (I'm redoing it now under a different site, but this is the old site) http://geocities.com/summersett00

something else that's kinda interesting is that hedgies are one of the few animals that can stand the sting of a scorpion and poisonous snake bite and be okay They're strong little soldiers haha :LOL:
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NightSoWindy!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled that you posted the pictures of your hedghogs!!! I too have 2 African Pygmy Hedgehogs, Penelope and Spike...Penelope is the same coloring as your Lilia! (I was told she is an Algerian Grey, and Spike is a cinnocot, very light colored, sort of reddish blonde quills.
I only paid $65 for each of them.
The forums link you posted, Chins & Quills, is a great one!! I am also a member there, although I haven't posted for ages, because since I became a moderator here, I am usually too busy...
Mine eat Puriona Senior cat food, it is low in fat, which is good, because too much fat intake will kill a hedgie quicker than anything.
They don't sell regular hedgie food anywhere near where I live, the closest place to get it is 70 miles away (Des Moines) so I feed them this, and they do well on it.
My hedgies LOVE june bugs.....my stepson has a ball catching them in the summer months and throwing them in the cage ( I also use a sterilite tub, with holes in the lid) and watching them scurry around trying to find each bug, and crunching it to bits...:LOL:
What I use for a litter pan is just the 9X9 disposable aluminum cake pans, that you can get at the grocery store or walmart, they are cheap, and can be replaced once a month.
Merlin is in awe of the hedgies...I can get them out and let them run around for awhile, and Merlin tries to pounce on them, then they ball up in a ball of quills and he backs WAY off and just looks at them, like, no what the heck do I do? I can't even touch them!!!!!!!! OUCH!!
I am hoping mine will have babies someday.
Also Cleo....since I can't post a picture of the duprasi here is a good link to answer some of your questions, and has pictures....mine are cuter though... And the fatter the tails, the healthier they are, and mine have fatter tails than the ones pictured.


This is a good website for info about them, except this person seems to think they are a bit boring, and that is so not true, they are very loveable!!

I paid $30 each for them from a private breeder, started with two, and now have the parents and 3 kids...
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oh my gosh! I've never heard of duprasi before - they are soooooo cute! I don't know how they slipped by me, I know about most of the cute things out there . . . cuz at some point in time I've probably had one haha :LOL:

Hey, Debby, what was your name on ChinsnQuills? I have probably seen your posts. I look back at older posts a lot So far I have almost 1000 posts there and I've only been on since like May - looks like I'm working my way up here, too heh heh Lills is either Algerian Gray or Chocolate, it's hard to tell with her. I've gotten both answers from different people. And the first one that I posted was my first hedgie, Straws, I think he's chocolate chip, butthen again, I've gotten different opinions on him, too I really wish I had him still, I had to give him to one of my friends because I joined the army, but things have changed now and I am not going in but I feel strange about asking Dave for Straws back. You should post on cnq again! hee hee
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Debby - I was just at cnq and I saw your profile I thought you might have the same name so I just looked hee hee Thought maybe I'd see some hedgie pics - you should come back
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