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yucky, but I have a question

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OK, I just did a long post, but it didn't work, so long story short does anyone have experiance with anal gland problems & how do I tell if they are infected?

I'm going to try to explain, Levi has had this problem once before & the vet expressed his anal glands. This morning when he stuck his butt in my face (my favorite way to wake up) I noticed his tush smelled more than normall. so this eveing I felt & sure enough they ere pretty full. So the first time I expressed them it was fine, but the second time it was thicker & ther was some stringy but mushy stuff (hard to explain) So anyone have any ideas.
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I have never had to do that myself thank goodness.. sorry, no answer here for you but someone will most likey have one. The only thing I know about that subject is they get clogged and often times the animals will scoot across the carpet or furniture to try to clear them, then its time for them to goto the vet to get emptied. I pity you having to do that, it sounds disgusting and not an easy task. Good luck!
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I'm going to sound a numpty here!, but what do these anal glands do.

Is it something that happens in male cats only?, if it's not then what am i looking for???????
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Actually, it sounds like your cat needs a vet, the fluid is not supposed to be stringy. It is nasty and yucky, but not usually stringy. Could be an infection brewing, best get it checked out

Susan, trust me, you don't want to look! Most cats, the glands empty out without a problem, but sometimes they get full, impacted or infected, that's when you need a vet to intercede.
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MA are you saying i would notice very easily if they were swollen? and would Rosie and Sophie be acting any different if there was something wrong?
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Originally Posted by hissy
It is nasty and yucky, but not usually stringy.
good grief it does sound awful
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The only reason I noticed was the smell. It's a horrible smell, that once you know it you never forget it. Also, he's had this once before so I'm more aware of it.

Hissy, is this an emergancy type thing, or is it call & make an appointment? Also, why would he have this problem? He's not quite 2. I know that weight can have some affect, but he's only slightly over weight.
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OK, never mind the question about taking him to the vet, I gave her a call & she basicly said that I probably got most or all of stuff out & that if it were infected he would be scooting on the floor, licking a lot & possibly hideing, but to keep an eye on it. She also suggested that I get some waterless wash to clean the area up his rump (my word not hers). So now I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good stuff? She also suggested that I might want to wear some gloves because if you get the smell on you it can be hard to get off. I'm sure glad that didn't happen last night!
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The material can vary in thickness, colour, and smell. It varies from animal to animal. I would stay on top of the problem by scheduling regular appointments at the vets to have the glands expressed. Once every couple of months should be enough. Our clinic charges about $20 and a technician does the procedure. This way you don't have to deal with the smell in your home or on your hands. If the tech notices something out of the ordinary she can let the vet know.
As far as the wipes go- you can use baby wipes. Nature's miracle also makes a very nice apple scented wipe for pets- it is very refreshing after an anal gland "incident".
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