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Update for Prissy

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Here is an update photo of a stray I care for, I would like to call her an abandon child. She has lost some weight from december and she is being mauled to peices all the time by 2 wandering males(intact).

I see her all the time with bite woundes to the neck. Poor girl. she gets to come in on cold nights, she get what ever food we can give her, sometimes she get a left over small chicken, any leftover food we have from supper we give her.

She is our so called "Walking Buddy". When we go for walks she follows us, staying maybe less than half a block away at a time while running ahead and flopping down in the dirt tryn to make a "Hey Look How cute I am" secene.

I had one lady ask if she was on a leash, since she was walking along side us. I smiled and said "She is a stray I care for that likes to walk with us." I am wanting to trap the males who attack her , but they actually belonge to someone. SO I doubt that wull go over well with the owner of that cat.

Oh She is fixed, he origenal owners abandon her after moving from the block. So I was told by a guy.
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Wouldn't those male's owners be supprised if their males went missing for a couple days and showed up missing a few parts.. lol Is that a bad thought?
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She is so pretty! I hope you are able to protect her from the bullies.
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Well She does stay near the house and waits to be fed and loved. I wish she would get alonge with mine so I can make her a 24-7 house cat, but Jasmin and her really dislike one anouther. Im gonna get my back screen door fixed so i can leave the door open and the screen locked. One way for them to fussed at one annouther.

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she is pretty!
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Originally Posted by Cirque
Wouldn't those male's owners be supprised if their males went missing for a couple days and showed up missing a few parts.. lol Is that a bad thought?

I was thinking the EXACT same thing!!! She is a gorgeous kitty!!
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I would do it really I would but I doubt any one would allow me to trap the cats on thier property. Wouldnt I have to hold the cat for a few days after the fixing or could you release them straight back.

I would add a colar and a note explaining the missing of the parts and cat, lol.

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Prissy is so cute!
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She's such a lovely girl ..sad that there are bullies around; can you go and ask the owners if you can alter them? I realize this action isn't for everybody but it sounds to me like the way to go..I think that what most people is leery of spending a few bucks in vetting the cat..I don't believe they keep him to stud
Or they would alter him but they can't afford it.
If you can pay for it tell them you'd like to perform a "service to the community" (that's what we did and got some strange looks but alterd the cat) wich's true after all..
Bless you for taking care of her, she's a beauty.
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<<ask the owners if you can alter them>>

I meant alter the kitties!!(on second though ..)
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I HAVE NO CLUE WHERE THE HOUSE IS. lol. All I know isd this cat is well cared for. There seems to be a house where nothing but black cats seem to gather. TOOO cute. I wouldnt know where to look for the owner of the cat. I know it should be close sinc ethe male I seen was spraying a bush across the street.

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