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Dirty butts

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I have 4 cats; 1 female Norweign Forsest, 1 female Persian, 1 male Persian and 1 male Hemalian. They girls keep themselves very clean, but the boys always have dirty butts and eyes. Both the boys have the smashed faces, could their untidiness have to do with that trait? Anyone else have this problem?
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All the Peke faced persians I have come across seem to be this way. The dirty eyes have to do with the tear ducts. I never found them to be very tidy with the other end either. I am not sure if you could trace it to genetics, but maybe laziness.
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My little boy, a bengal, is very good in the cleaning dept. but not his tush. He was like that from day one. Once in a while he does try but then he just looks at me with a half open mouth staring and an expression that says Yuck!!!!!!!!!!

When I do see something no so pleasant that seem to be "hanging" around for more than a day I go after it with a babywipe.

Either their monthers never tought them properly or it's a male thing - go figure!!
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Hell603 says:
"Once in a while he does try but then he just looks at me with a half open mouth staring and an expression that says Yuck!!!!!!!!!! "

I don't blame him!!! :LOL: :LOL:
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A breeder told me that the purer cats are, and selected, the less they clean themselves, like - you do everything for me, so why should I bother? Their natural instincts seem not to be so strong anymore. Then, Persian always have a hard time cleaning themselves, sometimes their fur is longer that they can bear!
Anyway I think dirty butts have much to do with diarrhea - following Murphy's law, my only cat with diarrhea is the white, long-haired one. I had some terrible experiences and always check her behind before I let her jump in my arms. Seems like I'm always cleaning cat butts recently!
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First - me thinks breeder is very confused - cats are very clean by nature. Dirty butts definately can have a diarrhea connection - but not always. I can relate to the diarrhea issue but once in a while Loki just has a little black thing hanging there - something got caught or whatever. I am not going to wait until it drops off. UGHHHH. In the beginning when I first got him I used to find these little black flakes once in a while - could not figure out what they were nor where they came from. Once I realized what it was naturally I will nibb it in the butt (pardon the pun).
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That's exactly what I meant - cats are clean by nature, but natural instincts are weaker in purebred cats, selected generation after generation. My persian is much less "cat" than my scottish fold (which has British barn cat blood), I can see that their behavior is completely different - of course each cat is different but the fold is much "wilder", willing to hunt and chase, and more reactive. Purebred cats are often washed and brushed often - so mothers no longer teach their kittens how to clean themsleves thouroghly. Just a fast "bidet" and back to sleep!!! Even if it's a general statement, I think this applies to many cats. Don't know what happens with mixed breeds.
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I guess you might have something there..
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