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My bf is out at his art class, so it's just me for dinner tonight. I put the oven on to preheat and left my cookie sheet of tater tots on the kitchen counter, then came over to the computer to diligently follow the vacation thread. Suddenly, I don't know why, I have a suspicious feeling...I go into the kitchen...and Nathan is standing on the kitchen counter licking my frozen tater tots! Kitty slobber on my tots! (Needless to say, I am going to eat them anyway--they are in the oven as we speak. )
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What's a little cat spit among friends?
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You know what they say - heat or alcohol kills any germs! We've got plenty of the latter on the vacation, and I don't think tater tots would taste good dipped in whisky anyway.
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The heat, from the oven will sterilize them
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Yeah, that's what I figured. They were still yummy. I should know better than to leave food on the counter like that, so it's really my own fault. But who would think a cat would lick frozen potatoes?
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LOL Cute! The little scamp!!
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When I think of what they lick...I couldn't do it. Glad you enjoyed them!
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He was just taste testing them for you...making sure their quality was up to par!!!
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Cat tongues are self cleaning like bars of soap.. so its ok no matter what they lick. *just keep telling yourself that until your beleive it*
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Oh thats so cute puss was just maken sure no one was trying to poison his mummy he was tasten them first well thats what Jasper tells me when I catch him ate something he should not be at and Jasper would never tell his mummy fibs
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mmmm cat spit with tatertots
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I'd have ate them as well.

Many a time mine have licked my spoon that i'm using. I try not to think where they've been licking though!
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I would eat them too!

My two eat from my spoon and fork if they want to!! I'm not fussy!
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Originally Posted by Emma's Friend
What's a little cat spit among friends?
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My cat loves to drink my tea!! and yes we share it
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We all get kitty kisses on the lips, don't we?
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Yep....I always kiss my babies on the a little cat spit never hurt anyone.
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Oh I would've eaten them too... I always catch Kai licking at something... it's when he puts his paw in my water that I wont drink it... especially after he just got out of the litter box... LoL (yeah, he did that once) but licking isnt so bad considering that he kisses me all the time
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It was a cat, not a person or a dog!
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Sheba used to sit on the kitchen table when I was eating my cereal. She knew when I was getting close to the bottom of the dish. She finished the milk for me!! Plus she would jump on counter rip the plastic off of bread/buns, etc.. and just nibble the tops.
Still tasted ok though.
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