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When is it too cold?

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I let my indoor cats go out on the deck when I am home. It's starting to get cold around here and am wondering if they'll still want to go outside in the winter. Owners of indoor/outdoor cats, does it ever get so cold where your cat doesn't want to go outside? Is there some temperature/wind chill that I shouldn't let them out even if they want to go outside? And how do cats like snow? As you can tell, this is my first winter with my furbabies.
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Hi there!I hail from Nova Scotia,Canada, and the winters here get pretty cold. I have three kitties and only one is allowed to go outside( he's been going out for a long time, and the other two are kittens that I would like to be inside cats). Onyx goes outside all through the winter, but won't go out if he sticks his nose out and deems it unfit All the cats I had before Onyx were outside/inside cats and the same was true for them. They just seem to know when its too cold. I wouldn't leave the kitty out all night though, because the cold can set in fast. My Onyx seems to like the snow, as long as it isn't too deep. He likes to pounce through it in little leaps, having a great time! I know that around here on the radio, they announce that animals should be kept inside on nights when the temperature is supposed to get really low, or if there is major wind chill predicted. Good luck!
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It really depends on the cat's physique. Some breeds like the Siberian or Norwegian Forest cat are well adapted to harsh winter conditiond. Maine Coons are doing well too. On the other hand, you wouldn't dream of letting a Sphynx out in chilly weather (or at all for that matter ).

If you're area is safe enough for cats to be outside (think about cars, people and predators), then you can let the cat decide when it's too cold. I agree with Melisa - make sure the cats are never locked out in the cold and can always get back into the house day or night. A good cat flap is a good idea.
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Thanks for the advice. It's good to know that they will know if it's too cold. And now I am looking forward to watching them play in the snow. It sounds like Onyx has a good time out there, Melissa!

My cats stay on my deck (it's enclosed), so I don't have worry about too many dangers. And I always make sure they are inside before I leave or go to sleep. I wish I could get a cat door for my sliding glass door. Then I wouldn't have to open the door every 10 minutes to let them in or out. Or listen to them meow to be let out. But they love it out there, so it's worth it.
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