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Only children?

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Ok, we've covered grandparents lately, and there is a very nice "twins" discussion, so I've got to ask, how many of us are only children, and do you think that you are any more spoiled than your friends who have brothers and sisters?
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I'm not an only child but because my mother had me during the menopause there was a large age gap between me and my siblings and they spoilt me rotten!!!!!!
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Only child here. Nope not spoiled - friends are more spoiled than I!
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Unfortunately an ony child, my mom miscarried my brother or sister when I was 2ish.

Spoiled in some ways
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one and only and soooo spoiled lol
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Presently the only child. Lost a sister and the other one is overseas. Too late to be spoiled. I'm taking care of my ailing parents.
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Not truly an only child -- I do have a brother, but there's 8 years between us, so in a sense, we are both "only" children. Not spoiled.
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WEll I dont know if I count but im more than half an only child.

I have 2 older sisters but we have different dads. they have one and I have anouther. I was born 10-11 years after them both. The only thing that we have in common is we have the same mom.

I like the fact I can say "Your only my Half sister!" hehe
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Not truly an only child I have a half sister(we have the same Dad) and I had a step sister for 13 years and I consider them my real sisters. I am spoiled though!
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I am not an only child, but both of my parents were. I would consider my mother to have been spoiled (although she'd say different), but not my father.
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I'm an only child... And.. YES... I have 'only-child-syndrome'... at least that is what my family says.
I'm happy to be an only child.. cause' I dont want to share my parents! Although, I believe when I was younger, I wanted a baby brother. That idea quickly faded. I was SO spoiled... to the point that my cousin still playfully refers to me as the 'Royal HighnAss.. or PrinceAss." LOL
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I'm an only child and my Dad was an only child. Between being an only child and the only grandchild I am a little spoiled.

Stacey, Princess, Patsy, Sweetie, George and Sweetie
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I'm an only child - I was definitely very spoiled growing up (and still am, to be honest, when I'm at my mom's place ) but never spoiled rotten and allowed to get away with bad behaviour! - I love being an only child.
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I am an only child, although I always wanted brothers and sisters. All of my cousins were so much older than me and there were no other children close to where I lived so I wanted siblings. I was not spoiled by my parents but when I got a chance to see my grandparents, they spoiled me whenever I was around them.
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Well im not an only child, I have 4 brothers 1 sister, and a whole bunch of half bro/sis. Im an attention grabber though, so I did alright

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I was the "Baby" of the family, I also like to think I was not a trouble maker like both of my brothers.. because I heard them getting punished and I was smart enough not to be bad. I think by the time I came around my parents pretty much figured out how to handle me, the third kid.
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well technically im an only child as the others didnt make it through the pregnancy
and they spoiled me with toys and what ever i wanted when i was in england and australia...
They dont spoil me anymore and i wasnt such a bad kid with behaviour!
I would have loved to have a brother or a sister but... its time that i have to look into the future and have my own
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I'm a twin!!!!!!!!!
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Another only child here...spoiled probably.
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