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Russian Blue Kttens

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We will be getting Tigger a male kitten playmate. I was searching thru Yahoo!'s classifieds in Arizona, where I live. There is a lady selling Russian Blue Kittens for $75.00! She's sellling them for this price only because she is new to breeding. IS this a good price for a Russian Blue? I posted on another board & they told me to be skeptical, as Russian Blues are rare. The mother cat was due around Valentine's Day. Any opinions?
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Yes, russian blues are fairly rare. I would beware of the 75.00. This is a low price for any pure breed cat that has been properly taken care of. Unless you know the breed standard, it is not hard to pass off any blue cat for a Russian. You may want to do a little research on the breed, then go to her house and look at mom and dad. You should go see them before they are ready to go anyway. Check the house, the living conditions and such.
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