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For all our jewish members!

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I don't know if this is in the right forum because i'm not asking for IMO.

All week here in the UK there have been programs on nearly every night because it's 60 years since the holocaust.

I always watch programs such as this because although it was before my time, what happend was really terrible and i don't think we should forget.

Tonight there was a memorial held in London where the Queen and members of parliament attended along with many jews who suffered.

It was so moving with letters from people who are no longer here being read out.

So my jewish friends a candle is lit in my home tonight for all of you who have relatives that can relate to this.
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Susan, that was so moving, heartfelt, and brave what you have posted. I applaud your words and we should NEVER forget.
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What a sweet, thoughtful thread. I couldn't agree with you more. We've been having a lot of media attention centred on this here in Canada as well. I don't light candles because of my nosey kitties, but my thoughts and prayers will be with you all.
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Susan, what a wonderful message. My bf's father was a Polish Jew and lost family in the camps. We thank you for your thoughts.
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I totally agree - and unfortunately it can happen again all too easily, as my many friends here can witness. Almost everyone I know lost family members to inter-ethnic violence and genocide between 1992 and 1995. Over 10,000 civilians were killed in Sarajevo alone.
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It's such a horrible subject, it makes me grow cold even to think people can do such things to each other, but it's so important to keep people aware of this.

I'll be lighting a candle today also.
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We've been watching a lot of TV coverage on it here this evening. Obviously, this tragic anniversary is something Germany really has to focus on. Neo-Nazi political parties (NPD and DVU) have become too strong in eastern Germany, and a lot of people, including politicians, are very concerned about their hateful tirades and demonstrations being protected by the Basic Law (German constitution). The NPD faction in Saxony's state legislature had the balls to boycott a moment of silence for the victims of the Holocaust this week, and then one of their representatives had the nerve to describe the bombing of Dresden as a "bombing holocaust"!
A former student (now 66) was born in Auschwitz, and lost her entire family - I saw her on TV tonight, and think it's wonderful that she does her best to remind people what human beings are capable of. The first time I toured Dachau concentration camp was in the company of a fellow Philadelphian whose four grandparents perished there. His reaction made everything very real to me.
We all thought the Holocaust and Nanking were aberrations, but they weren't, as Jenny pointed out. In addition to the former Yugoslavia, Ruanda and Darfur are prime examples of what the human race is capable of. That list could be added to ad infinitum.
I don't really subscribe to the idea of "collective guilt", because that raises the question of what subsequent generations should bear the responsibilitiy for, but I really feel that reminders are absolutely necessary.
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I am Jewish, and although I didn't have any close family lost during the Holocaust, as my grand parents were already in the USA by that time I still feel the pain of what happened. Unfortunately, I don't know any family members outside of my Grandparents and their children. Although I did have some Great Uncles that I resemble (from their photographs), enough that you could tell we were family, and they were in the camps.
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I agree, we must forget or allow these things to happen again ever.

I get so angry when I hear about people who say it is all propaganda and that it never happened - what the hell kind of rock have they been living under!
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Russ, my late husband, lost 6 members of his extended family, at Dachau. Bill's father was one of the US troops, who liberated Auschwitz.

Until the days they died, neither of them forgot and neither should anyone else.
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I'm Jewish. I really try not to think about, as its a horrible thing. Just frightning someone could do that. Thanks for you wonderful act of kindness, Susan.
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How anyone can look upon the stories told about places like Auschwitz-Birkenau and not be moved is beyond me. Media coverage of the 60th anniversary of the liberation has been extensive here, too. One story this morning on NPR talked about how the children of survivors were deeply affected by an event that had happened before they were even born. If you've never watched Schindler's List, you need to. Likewise, Steven Spielberg's site, Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. www.vhf.org

We can never forget, and we can never allow this to be repeated. Ever.
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Beautiful posts! I've been watching the programmes on TV about it too.
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