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Update on Roxy with megaesophagus

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Hi Everybody,

Thanks for your kind words. Roxy became very very sick 2 weeks ago. Another very bad sinus infection, this time blood as well as mucus coming from the nose. The vet gave us some more antibiotics which cleared it up in a couple days but her ears became very infected and she was still refusing to eat, but still drinking water and milk. She lost a pound, down from 4 to 3. The vet gave us some antiseptic and ear drops and we have been cleaning her ears for the last week. So much gunk! She's not happy with us! However, she has begun eating again and acting like herself. Her balance is still off but the vet said that it may take a while. This kitty has MORE than 9 lives! Has anybody had a cat on antibiotics long term? This may be the only way to keep her from getting these infections, because little particles of food are always going to get caught in her airways. The vets at the practice we go to have differing opinions on it. One thinks it is okay, while the other would prefer we put her on for a couple weeks and then off for a couple weeks and rotate like that.
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I've never had a cat on long-term antibiotics, but something you can try is Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), make sure it isn't Grapeseed. It has powerful antibiotic properties and is excellent for cats that have chronic infections or illnesses. You'll need 3 drops in her bowl of water, as well as a drop mixed well into some canned food once a day. It doesn't interfere with any medications Roxy may be on and is safe. If you do a search on Grapefruit Seed Extract in the search function, you'll see lots of threads about it.
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