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Won't Defend herself

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Hi, we have had a kitty in her own room since August. We've been trying to incorporate her into the family for months now. When our middle cat gets near her, the new kitty growls and stays curled up in a little ball. She won't assert herself at all. I've read everything and tried everything. She won't come out of her room or off her little blanket even. Any suggestions?
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When she hunches down like that, she's showing the middle cat that she is submissive and does not want a fight. You will probably have to do the introductions right from the beginning again. Please read this article and this thread about introducing cats.

You may also want to invest in a Feliway Comfort Zone plug-in. You can read about it here.
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Why does Lucy continue to advance on her even though she is showing signs of being submissive? The feliway plug in didn't work.
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Lucy probably doesn't like the presence and smell of a strange cat in her home, so she's trying to drive the new cat away. As I said earlier, you will need to redo the introductions slowly and carefully.
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Thank you very much for your help.
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Is there anything else we can do about Lucy's aggression? She's a moody little thing. She was never this way with Daisy when we got her. I know some vets have prescribed prozac for cats. Would this work in either of the cats' situations? Would it help make Lucy less moody and aggressive and/or would it help make Hazel (the new one) less skittish and stand-offish. She will not come out of her shell. At least she lets me pet her. We love this little girl and are willing to try anything.
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Please don't resort to drugs as they do eventually wreck havoc on the liver. Try the rescue remedies available at www.catfaeries.com they are safe, have no taste and are easy to use. Your new kitten sounds like she must be pretty miserable. If Lucy can't accept her in time, perhaps it would be best to find a home for this newcomer where she can be an only pet.
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We locked up Lucy and Daisy last night and let Hazel have the run of the house with Annabelle. When I got up this morning I went downstairs and Hazel wasn't hiding! She came out from under one of the end tables and started meowing good morning to me like she always does. So we let the other girls out while my husband and I were getting ready for work and then locked them up again. We couldn't get Hazel back in her room, she wanted to stay out. We'll let the other girls out when we get home from work and keep and eye on things. Is this sounding like a good thing? Is Hazel finally coming around?
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Sounds like she is to me.
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I'm having the same problem and its been 3 months, 2 months since we made first intros. My kitten Brady cowers like she's afraid and doesn't defend herself either when 14 yr old Tiffani sometimes growls or swats at her. Then Tiffani goes to run away to a spot alone, I feel bad for both of them. Brady goes up to her a lot just to sniff & lick her and stares at her, I can tell she wants to know her. Tiffani sometimes sits across the room and just glares at her. Ally (4yrs) took to Brady after the first intros, they sleep together and all. When I keep the older cats locked up does that include Ally who's already used to Brady and if so will Tiffani feel punished being alone and moved to a new room? Brady stays mostly in one room anyway (she's claimed it) exceot for feedings, do I still go ahead with the re-intros?
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I know how you feel. Hazel likes being out of her room now, but she still hides and cowers when Lucy or Daisy gets near her. She gets along fine with Belle. I have a dumb question. Would it help at all if we had all 4 of them groomed so they all smell the same? Would that make a difference? Since smell is such a big thing with introducing cats I was wondering if that would help.
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We've had Hazel out on her own for the past couple of nights now. She likes being out. We are now locking up Lucy (miss instigator) in our bedroom while we are at work and letting Hazel be out with Belle and Daisy. Maybe Lucy will get the hint and start behaving herself. Does anyone happen to know of a cat behavioralist in the st. Louis MO. area? Do you think that would help?
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