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Drooping eyelid

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Danielle, who has a URI, was a bit better over the weekend. But yesterday she got worse, her sneezing started again, and goopy stuff started coming from her eyes again.

But what really worries me is that one of her eyes is showing something I have not seen before. It is bothering her something awful.

When she opens it, the inner corner inner eyelid does not retract fully, and is red. Then this morning, I discovered that the upper eyelid looks like it is sagging underneath. that is the best way I can describe it.

Now, she has been rubbing it, so THAT could be what is irritating it. Or her infection is worse.

I called the Vet's office,and they said wipe her eyes with warm water to get the crusties away, so maybe she won't rub so much. If it is not better by around 6:00 tonight, to bring her in.

Has anyone ever had experience with the drooping inner eyelid thing????

I am frantic . It is one thing after another with her. Anyone got a padded room for me????
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Val... don't panic... I wish I could help you but I don't know these symptoms. You must be sick of reading me telling you to be patient, so I will just tell you: I am thinking of you and hope Danielle will get better...

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Thanks Anne-Claire
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What you are seeing is her third eyelid. They will usually show when there is an infection or something bothering the eye. As for what's causing it, it sounds like some kind of infection with all that has been going on with her. Does the vet have her on an antibiotic eye ointment?
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Sandie yes, she has an eye infection.

Originally she was on a cream with a steroid and an antibiotic. That seemed to work wonders. But when the Vet discovered the URI, she changed the eye treatment to drops.
The doctor has her on Gentomicin drops. In her eyes and in her nose for the URI.

But starting yesterday, one of her eyes got really bad. Today it is even worse. It is all swollen, and goop is coming out. She is also squinting terribly.

OOh I know she is sooo uncomfortable. We go to the Vet in 2 hours, to see what can be done. Maybe he will change her meds..I don't know
I can't stand to see her in pain.

She does have an URI. This I suppose complicates things.

I just want her to heal. Everyday it is something different. Her poor little eyes.

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I know from experience, how difficult it can be when a cat has eye problems. You have been coping very well with everything that has been going on with Danielle. Be patient until she can be seen by the vet again, and let us know the outcome.

Snowball sends his best wishes and kitty kisses to Danielle

Sorry I can't be very helpful.
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This may help a little, I am sure you have been doing some searching on your own


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