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What is the weirdest thing your cat has played with?

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I heard Milo smacking something around and it didn't sound like one of his toys. So I go check it out to make sure it's not something small enough that he could choke on it. Turns out he's smacking around a stale piece of a pizza crust! I have no idea where he dug that out from!
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My old Sophie (now at RB) would insist on helping herself to my husband's shaving brush, scooting it around the floor and carrying it about in her mouth when she was younger. We tried buying her a cheap one of her own, but she ignored it and would still fetch her Daddy's. She also liked those tiny little bath pearl balls that you get with bath oil inside. She played with them really gently and never burst them.

Of the cats I have now, Bruno has a sock (and knicker) fetish and will drag them out of laundry baskets to kill and run around with. Both Burmese love to carry things around in their mouths and during a recent clearout of their bed we found some Polly Pocket (my daughter's doll) clothes, hair bobbles, bits of silk flowers, my husband's watch that had been missing for ages and a pair of Halloween joke false teeth/fangs. I wish I'd seen whoever carried those around at the time they were doing it.
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Oh Jan that is adorable... she wanted it cause it smelled like her dad!!!
Diane, are your cats dumpster divers too? Meishka gets into the the bathroom garbage sometimes but she never runs around with what she finds in there (thank goodness).

Meishka adores my husbands boots. She could spend hours rubbing her face on them, sticking her head in them... chewing the laces. She'll drag them into the bedroom too... and the boots are heavy!! We don't worry about it cause we know she won't eat them lol.
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Carrot peel for Rosie!. She flicked a bit off the kitchen unit and played with it for hours!. I didn't have the heart to throw it out after she played with it because i knew she would go back to it later on

Sophies is the chocolate biscuit wrappers tied in a knot after i've ate one. She waits patiently for it!!
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My make-up brushes. Once I found Lucy had pulled an unmentionable item out of the bathroom trash can. Annabelle found a shrimp on the sink, but didn't eat it. She just bat it around the kitchen for a while.
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Originally Posted by Ali012281
Diane, are your cats dumpster divers too? Meishka gets into the the bathroom garbage sometimes but she never runs around with what she finds in there (thank goodness).

Milo is for sure! We have the trash can in the kitchen next to the counter (it's a very small kitchen) and the other night I kept having to get Milo down off of the counter because he was trying to stick his head inside the trashcan (it's the kind that has the swinging lid), I have no idea what he was after, but he really wanted it!
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Scarlett stands by the door in the fall and looks for leaves. If there is one out there, we'll hold the door open and she will run out, grab one and run back inside. Then bats it around for hours.

Max (OTB) was our Manx that had what we called tail envy. He loved to play with tails of any shape and form. His 2 favorites were lizard and dog tails. For the former, he would bite them off and carry them around the house with him. For the latter, he didn't care if he had never met the dog - he would walk right up behind him and greet them by grabbing their tails. He did this to our 95 pound greyhound that we adopted when we brought him in the house for the first time. Poor Doug was muzzled, and passed the "I won't harm the kitty" test when he simply turned around and sniffed him.
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Mac has a thing for emory boards.
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Besides a tampon , Sierra's most unique toy is her seashell. She selected it herself from some brought in off the beach, and it has been one of her favorites since! She bats it all over the place, and when I toss it, she chases it and bats it around some more! What fun! Sierra also enjoys playing with a walnut still in its shell in a similar fashion!
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Right now Lion's favourite is almonds in their shell out of the nut dish. He leaps and whirls and jumps and bats them around no end. He and Bear both like miniature carrots and grapes and will also bat those around and carry them in their mouths. The weirdest thing I have seen Bear play with is the brass key for the fireplace that turns the gas on and off - it is about 5" long and very heavy but he pulls it out with his teeth and carries it into the other room. Tristan likes to carry the wire cat dancer in his mouth making his 'I've got prey' call with his mouth full of the wire and the rest trailing behind him between his legs. It is awkward to walk but he goes from room to room calling and carrying it. The other two are rather traaditional - feathers, tin foil balls, leaves, and their toys.

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A grape and milk cap.

I was eating Grapes one day and dropped a few on the ground, Trish and Tabitha fell in love with it. I found it a week later under the couch .

All the cats love to play with the milk cap or the safety seal thats on the outside part. I will see them thowing it up in the air nad fght for it.

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Without a doubt, an old rubber ring out of our water filter. Chase is OBSESSED with it. He plays fetch. He runs and picks it up, throws it up in the air and around, then puts it in my lap to be thrown, repeat ad nauseum!!!

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Dog poo!
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Pixel enjoys digging q-tips out of the trash and dragging them into the living room so she can battle it to the death. The q-tip always loses, and if I don't notice what she's doing, she'll walk up to me with cotton stuck on her nose.

Lately shes been playing in the sink and tub, but only when they are wet. I thought cats hated water! She figured out how to turn the faucet on for a drink the other day.
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This thread is so sweet! I can just see everyone's babies having such fun with their toy of choice!
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Kionu is always on the hunt for tampons. No matter where I hide it, he's there trying to get it out.

Miko loves to play with the plastic seal from a mayonaise jar. He will wake up from a dead sleep if he hears the plastic.

Sebastian loves to play soccer with his empty water bottles or soda cans. He's actually pretty good because he used to play with my brother during his soccer practices.
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L.S. likes frozen french fries. Out of despiration when I was trying to cook one day and having L.S. trying to steal everything, I tossed him a frozen french fry in hopes of keeping him busy. He batted it around the kitchen floor for hours, and I had a nice quiet dinner. He also likes to try and drag around my big hairbrush. (It's got a foam handle, and I think that's what he likes.

Merlin likes reciepts. He'll dive in my trash for them and will carry them around for hours. Thank goodness I love to shop! He also LOVES hairties. I can always tell if he found one because he tries to slinks past me. Sure, an 18 pound, extra-tall, shiny grey cat is invisible walking through the middle of the room. He's even learned to carry the hairtie so it sits against his throat so you can't tell he has it just by looking at him.

Hans.... he just likes any toy he can rip apart. I've never seen him play with anything other than the carpet mice and the fuzzy mice.
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Nothing really wierd but he likes bread twisties.
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Originally Posted by mikonu
Miko loves to play with the plastic seal from a mayonaise jar.

Oh, be careful with those, last summer Spyder threw up half of one...scared the #@*! out of me! Luckily that was all tha the had ate of it!
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Originally Posted by Emma's Friend
Mac has a thing for emory boards.
Thanks for reminding me...
I totally forgot this, Chuckie loves to carry around my sister's nail file, but it has to be the one she's been using. She tried showing him a new one that hasn't been used but he wasn't interested!

I don't let him carry it far and I'm right in back of him the whole time!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Dog poo!

Earthworms, lizard's tails, little snakes ... Anything that wiggles. Once they stop moving the cats lose interest.
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Medicine bottle caps, boxes, string beans (they're vegetarians, haha, kidding), onion bulbs (but I get it ASAP before they try eat it!), plant leaves, ballpens, etc!
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Yesterday when I was in the bath, Persil came in, jumped on the laundry basket where I had left my clothes and ran off with my watch. I am still looking for it!
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Jamie loves to bat guitar picks around, and often walks through the house with an "Always" panty shield in his mouth (he opens the cabinet and raids the box).

Any luck finding the watch, Jenny?
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My adopted son Bam bam loves to play with the safety seal on gallon milk jugs. Samson and Ginger double team and shred my toilet paper. And Ginger loves to play with the Bath Tub Stopper. She carries it around by the ring on top. This looks so Funny! She has the most wonderful time with this thing which leads to the question has anyone seen the Bath Tub Stopper?
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sanitary towels, tampons (she even brought me a used one from the rubbish once, wasnt even mine bleurgh!), spiders, an apple core.

this morning i found a fabric butterfly that was pinned to my curtains in shreds on the floor. she must have scaled the curtain at least five feet whilst i was asleep to drag it down!
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Glad to see I'm not the only who has a cat that loves Q-tips. Samwise Q-tips. I've gone to hiding the waste basket in the bathroom in one of the cabinets and still he finds a way to play with them. He also loves ink pens, straws, and bread ties. Needless to say I chase him around a lot trying to get inappropriate toys away from him.

Gandalf doesn't really have anything he plays with that isn't a cat toy well other than the blinds. I already know I'm going to have to replace all the blinds in the apartment when I move out cause he's broken and bent them.
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My new kitten likes to shred any paper products within shredding distance. We've lost 2 rolls of toliet paper and 1 of paper towels so far this week.
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Thomas chased the bottle top from a shampoo bottle around (and around) the bathtub. It must have kept him busy for 30-45 minutes and that's a long time for a cat! I had been draining the remains from one shampoo bottle to the other shampoo bottle so the bottle top was just sitting alongside the other two bottles. Add to the fact that the bottle top was rounded, it was fair game to the cat who knocked it into the tub. It just rolled from one end of the tub to the other assister by Mr Cat.
When Sidney was a kitten, he liked to deposit his toys into my shoes and fish them out. Those shoes traveled all over the living room while they provided play time for the kitten.
And, one day just this current winter, Thomas was outside prowling around and, shall we say, found his own "frozen dinner" . He ran right into the house with his prize and I had to get it away from him and get it back outside where he wouldn't find it again. This was about a month ago and he's still going back to that to look for it again.
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my husband and I adopted two ACTIVE male kittens who will play with just about anything! We've had to change all of our trash cans to ones with lids, otherwise the kittens were pulling all sort of stuff out and playing with it. Q-tips. tissues. dental floss. ICK!

last night, one of them was playing with a band-aid (still in the wrapper). don't know where he found it. he was carrying it around in his mouth and running around. then, he'd drop it and bat it around. he was endlessly entertained by it!
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