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guess who came home with me from the pet store?

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no, not the persian (she's next, haha) the cutest little ball of froof that I've ever seen - a cream and white siberian hamster named Doot. She's soooo cute - and has the tinyest (sp?) wheel I have ever seen to run in for exercise! I heard they can get kind of territorial and a little mean, but so far she's been the sweetest little ball of fuzz. I still can't get over how tiny she is! (the size of a half dollar!) I knew this would happen if I worked in a petstore! heh heh
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Awwww!! how cute!!! I love hammy's!! I used to have tons of the little fluffs when I was at home!!! I would like a couple now but hubby says "no"! (he rekons the cats would try and eat them!!!) If you can find one, get her an excersize ball, they are sooo cool and let hammy have the run of the house!!(just make sure no kitties wanna play hamster football though!! hee hee) I would love to see pics when you can get some!! give her a from me!! (I wish I worked in a pet store or rescue centre....then I could bring all the babies home!!!! hubby would have a fit though.. )
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I just LOVE hamsters, they are toooooo cute I have a teddybear hamster named Snack. I love to put him in one of those little balls and let him loose, he can really move in that thing The cats still don't know what to think of him, he goes flying at them and they run away :laughing:
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Congratulations on the new addition Hamsters are so cute!!

I've wanted mice forever, but hubby says not until we move to a bigger house how much room can a mouse take up?? We used to have guinea pigs but my son developed allergies to them ( Well, we DID have eight, that could have been the reason...overkill:tounge2: )

I would love to have a pair of female fancy mice. Anyone out there have mice? If so, you can relate your experience with me so I know whether or not they would be the right rodent for me to get.

I also love rats, they are sooooooo smart!!! I hear they are high maintainance (sp?) I almost bought a beautiful cream and white female rat a while back, but was afraid I was unprepared for the responsibilty. Anyone have a pet rat??
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I used to have a pair of gerbils. Do hamsters like to scratch
the sealing of their cage like gerbils? Or chew on anything
like gerbils? One belonged to me and the other belonged to my
sister. Her gerbil liked to nip alot. And they didn't like to
be held alot. They did have a blast with the exercise ball.
They sleep alot. Sadly, though, gerbils have a life span of
two or three years. They both died three years after we got
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Christina, your little hamster sounds SO cute!!
I love hamsters and I have had many, many of them in the past, but at the present I don't have any.
Rats are not high maintenance, I wonder where you heard that? I have had pet rats for years, I got my first one when I was 19, and I am 36 now, and up until yesterday I have always had one, if not two or three of them as pets. My last one died yesterday morning, of old age, she was 3 years old, they don't live much longer than that, her name was Daisey. I am going to get another one soon.
All they require is a cage, either an aquarium with a lid so they can't get out, or a wire cage, like a big bird cage. And you just put pine or cedar chips in the bottom, and feed them every day, hamster food, and fresh water (I use a water bottle so they don't tip it over, and it doesn't have to be refilled every day) That's it.
And just take them out and give them some loving as often as you can, and they love treats like cheese, potato chips, etc.
Not anymore trouble than a hamster, and much smarter.
My rats always would get excited when I came home, and jump around there cages till I came and got them out, and they are not as indifferent to things as hamsters are, I mean, hamsters are cute and all, but they usually aren't all that emotionally attached to you, but rats are like cats in the way they love you, and want to be near you!
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Hmm...sounds like I may have to bring up the subject to hubby again... I have a feeling he'll say "Wait until we move" which won't be until next summer. Maybe I can say "Honey, I know what would be the perfect Christmas present for me!" The only thing is, and he knows this about me, I don't believe in getting one of any pet, I think two is always best as they keep each other company. Thats how we ended up with 8 guinea pigs Can you train rats to use litter boxes in their cage?
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No, you can't train them to use litter boxes that I know of, but it is no different than a hamster or a gerbil, when the cage needs cleaned you clean it..
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aww, I've had only one pet rat - she was very cute! I named her Mystic (no, not because of the drink heh heh.) She was also very sweet Then, one day, we changed her bedding and for some reason after that, she always would try to bite whoever went into her cage to try and pick her up. We think she had babies and we threw them out without knowing, but we're not sure . . . it's the only thing we could think of! How horrible that would be if that was what happened. We didn't know what to do with her because she bit so often, so we took her to an old farm and dropped her off. They always had corn and things growing, so we knew she would have enough to eat . . . or at least that's what my parents tried to tell me --- I was only in 5th grade though, but it sounds like it would still be a good idea. Rats are not high maintenance, like Debby said. We've got a BUNCH at the petstore, and you can feed them regular old rodent food (seeds, fruits, veggies, etc), give them a wheel, water bowl and stuff to chew on and you're set! Oh, if you can, try to make sure you don't buy the wheels with bars because sometimes their feet can get caught which means it can get broken. They can possibly even break a leg! Although it doesn't happen that often, it's still a possibility. You might want to get a wodent wheel or a haba safety wheel from http://pawprintonline.com Their wheels do not have bars (caution!! - wodent wheel is a PAIN to clean, but it's one of the best wheels out there!) wow, I wrote kind of a lot, I think I'm done now
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Ok...one more question about Rats, then I am done (for now, until I get one heheh) I noticed in the pet store that the mice were a bit, errr..smelly. Do rats have that musky smell too? I plan to get one or two females if hubby will allow .
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My rats have never smelled bad, in fact, if I put them right up to my face and sniffed, they had a rather sweet smell. They are very clean animals!!!!!
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