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Help Two Preggo CATS!!!

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I feel like such a dunce..... I ended up with three cats all wonderful females so I thought.... Then a friend comes over and laughs at me YOU HAVE A MALE HERE !!!! I was like what ????? you have to be kidding me sure enough I had just not checked that third cat and took the womans word for it that they were all females... before I could get them all in to get fixed he had two knocked up I just can't believe it !!!! He got them before I got him. So I have two females both preggo........... He was fixed in December I think it was like the 15th. I thought I could wait on the other two till January Now I see I was wrong...... To top it all off my male was hit by some teenager in a truck....(so the neighbor said) so here I am down to two cats and about to go up to who knows how many..... I miss Bambi so much.... He was a beautiful black and white long hair. I have a long hair calico and a orange tabby short hair both ready to pop sometime soon.
I had figured that Baby (orange tabby) should have hers around the 17th that was my best guess the other one is always so quiet that I am not sure when to expet hers.... though I am sure it is very soon.
What I am trying to figure out is if there is any way to know when they are comming...... Baby seems to be ready to pop her belly is so big she is a very petite cat and Angel is the Calico she is a doll baby I have only felt one maybe two kittens in her belly. She isn't near as small as Baby in stature.
Baby and Angel both have been wanting thier bellies rubbed Baby constantly....Angel just once in a while though she is more my daughters cat.
I have felt Baby's belly tighten when I rub her belly and I have seen a small amout of discharge in the last few days from both's vaginal area... the kittens are very active in both cats. Both are on kitten food and have been eatting well though they seems to have loose stools I have only had them since November and the lady told me they were vacinated. Though I am not sure if they were ever wormed.....
I already have homes for 4 kittens and possibly 5. We will be keeping one our selves. These are all friends of mine and are good safe home where they will get a lot of attention and spoilled plain rotten so that makes me feel a little better about all this.. I have already stocked up on litter and kitten food so that is set and I have a place to get the first set of vaccinations for the kittens.
Please if you could give me info on what to look for as to signs of impending labor please let me know.... I have tried once to check the temp of the yellow tabby and I just can't do that to her again shots are much easier then that ! Can I check temp under the leg like under the arm of kids??
Please get back to me soon..... Worried momma here sorry to Blab My animals are my babies...... and I rescued these from a woman who just wasn't taking care of them and had over 35 cats ...... just couldn't leave them there .... BTW can I vacinate them just in case while they are still nursing moms?
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They both have some milk BTW.....sorry forgot to mention that...I have been up with them late each night but nothing seems to happen except when I rub thier bellies they tighten up some and Baby has a few contrations or braxton hicks when I am just resting my hand on her belly......
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I hope they are both inside and not roaming where they too might get injured or killed?

Here is a website that helps those with pregnant cats
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No they are both inside cats we live on a busy street so I don't let them out. My father in law and took my daughter to school and Bambi got out so thats how he is gone :'( that won't happen again..... thanks for the site I will go check that out !
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Thank you for that site it was wonderful how cool that they have a pregnancy callendar she isn't as overdue as I thought but you know cats they don't kiss and tell right away at least lol so i am guessing here..... take care and thank you again !
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Welcome to TCS. Be sure to provide a nice spot for them to have their kittens, it is also possible they will not like the spot you pick out and choose another. We used to use a cardboard box with a towel draped over most of the opening when our cat had kittens years ago. Eventually she picked them up and moved them all under our couch. :P Good luck with two litters, you will soon be upto your eyeballs in kittens.
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Hello again man what a long day ...... still no kittens uuuuuugggggghhhhh I am so ready to see them! can anyone tell me if i have to take a degree off the temp from my thermomitor I took thier temps but i am not sure if it is 99.5 or 100.5 and 99.3 or 100.3 the thermomitor says the100's but its a normal digital thermomitor so if you do under the arm you add a degree and isn't it anal you take one off?? HELP????????? I just want them to be ok and I am scared to death they could have problems esspecially Baby with her being so little........and that I might not be here to help them. Please get back to me asap ........ They do seem to be smelling around more and Angel has been hiding most of the week... they eat from the same bowl so I am not sure who but both or one has cut down on how much she is eating.... sorry STRESSING OUT HERE. Angel also seems to be breathing a little faster then Baby.....
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Welcome to TCS. If you are worried about your cats temps I would get them to a vet. Normally a cat giving birth is a waiting game. I hope you have your vets number handy.
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First, do you have a fairly accurate anticipated delivery date? What is it? How close is she?

I don't know about taking a cat's temperature anywhere else but in the bottom, so can't help you there. A normal temp would be 101, 102 somewhere in there. The temp will sometimes drop a little when delivery gets closer. You may also notice increased visits to the litter box where your girl may appear to be constipated and straining. Watch the litter boxes closely when delivery time is close as sometimes, first time mom-cats will mistake the sensation of birth with the need to eliminate feces and drop a kitten in the litter - if you don't catch that and take care of it fast, it will perish.

I am concerned that Angel is hiding this close to delivery. Does she feel hot, is she at all dehydrated, what do her eyes look like, are they clear and free of debris or are the third lids beginning to cover? Does she have any odor or discharge around her vagina?

Knowing some of these things would be helpful to me in trying to help you ...

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Angel is one of those cats that is pretty to her self so I am not surprised.... my daughter is 6 and she is Angel's (mama) lol Angel sleeps with her and only really hangs out with Abby. She just isn't one to be out in the noise and bussle of the house.... there is no abnormal discharge no signs of illness other then being preggo she isn't dehydrated she has been drinking normally that I have seen... her eyes are bright and shinny as normal. I am not worried about them being sick or anything just don't want to have a problem with thier deliveries and me not be here to take them in. the estamated due date I had come up with was last week but anyone can see I was off lol I went to a site that someone posted above and it looks like anytime for the time I remember them meowing and acting like they were in heat. Because it was right around and i believe before thanksgiving...... (the callendar says it should be from the 21th of jan to the 2 of feb at the latest) she doesn't feel hot and the temps I posted above are anal temps I am just not sure if it is 100.3 or the degree lower for it being anal....... (isn't that how it is when you check a baby's anal temp. a degree lower then the thermomitor reads?) They both seem to be feeling ok Angels breathing a little faster then Baby but other then the hiding and sniffing around and the small amount of discharge yesterday (that was a little brown in color) nothing........
Yes I have been watching the litter box a friend of mine at work said the same thing about them having them in the litter box she had it happen to her....... I work 5 and a half hours aday so thats why I am wanting to keep a close eye on thier temp so if they are going to have them asap that i can take the day off and make sure they are ok.....
Thanks so much for the help means alot to me
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WAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOO WE HAVE KITTENS !!!!!! there are 2 one boy and one girl !!! more to come!!! how long can the resting phase go and is there a way to stimulate the contrations it has been about 1 and a half hours since the last one was born..... she isn't having contrations hardly at all and seems very comfy and happy with the new little ones. I AM SO THRILLED !!!! one is black and white maybe a tabby and the other is a yellow/orange tabby like mama. This is soooo cool my daughter has been able to watch and even pet the babies Baby is doing soooo well i am sooo proud of her ! thanks everyone and if anyone knows when her next should come please write me
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I would keep your vet's number handy if you have it, then perhaps you won't need it.
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Thanks Hissy the problem was it was breech my hubby and I were able to pull it out a little at a time when she had a contraction ITS FINE !!!! was a slow starter but with some rubbing and blowing on it a bit it came too and took its first breath there was one more after that so far and i believe there is still at least one more from the feel of her belly. I don't know what else would be moving in there lol I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!! the third one was a yellow/orange tabby also but the fourth is a red version of my male black and white SOOOOO PRETTY!!!! I can't wait to see the other or others!!!! Thanks for everything Hissy I will post again after i know what all she had !
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I see you are from oregon I lived in hillsboro for about 8 years and vancouver washington for about 7 how do you like it there ? I miss it sooo much my brother is in portland and my dad and other bro are in vancouver. I hope to visit there in the next year or so. Gotta hit the beach !!! ok gotta run think she may be having the next one soon !
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well its 4:40 am now and no more kittens looks like she may have to go to the vet though I have been reading on there that there can be up to 24 hours between as long as the cat isn't showing discomfort... that worries me... she doesn't want me to mess with the kittens now that she is totally calm and wanted to be sucluded in the dog kenel well her first choice was in the box springs of my bed lol so i had to move her and the kitten she snuck in there. i haven't felt anything moving so i am wondering if the kitten is going to make it or not. gotta call the vet in the morning if she hasn't delivered it they aren't open at night here and there isn't an emergancy vet. So wait and see i guess... Angel is doing well she doesn't seem to be showing signs of labor other then what I told you about earlier. so maybe I can get Baby taken care of before she has her litter. talk to you soon i'll let you know what the vet says.
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When you leave her make sure she has nice fresh dry bedding and plenty of food. Ensure the room she is in with her kittens is dark and quiet. Let us know if she has any more.
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Well no more kittens...... going to take her in to the vet at 3:45 today they don't seem to concerned about it yet. Though I am worried maybe I was wrong oh heck I don't know her belly just doesn't feel the same as it did last night ......there was a deffinate lump in there last night one that felt like it was moving today I can't really find anything as pronounced as it was last night ...... she has fresh bedding (she wet all over with the breech kitten last night and the normal mess it stunk bad there was no way i could leave any animal in that) food and water well.... she wouldn't touch it till this afternoon and she downed a bunch of both.
She seems to be very happy though she doesn't want to leave the kittens at all. Very good mama!
Angel is lazing around again today hiding under the bed and just snoozing she did have a couple small contractions that i felt. I don't think she is due for a few days yet.
Can anyone tell me if I should allow them to share a room together or not? Angel won't hurt Baby's kittens will she?
ok well off to the rat race I feel like a zombie today I am so tired had to be at work at 7:30 am so I only got about 2 hours of sleep! ouch !
We will have to see what the vet says.....
Thanks for all your help take care ......
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Any news about the vet visit?
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