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Hi, all.

Preface: Pie, a calico spayed female, about 1 year, 5 months. Eating just fine, playing just fine (with the exception below), eliminating fine, energy fine. UTD on all shots. She's due for her "well kitty" check in March.

Last night I was playing with the feather wand. Simon was leaping at it, and Pie was pawing the air. What I noticed for the first time - although it may have been around for a bit - was that Pie would miss the feather. If I dangled it in front of her nose, it looked like she was not seeing it exactly, and would paw (and occasionally catch) at the wand. But there was a quality in her playing that was almost like a delayed reaction, or a miss-timed swipe.

Had that happened only once, I wouldn't be concerned. But it happened for the whole playtime.

Now, understand the reason why I'm not frantically calling the vet. She does climb and jump and run and pounce, all seemingly without a care in the world - not tentatively or cautiously whatsoever. She does startle easily (and always has), and will dart away if she thinks you might step on her...but other than that, she's a wholly normal, healthy, happy young cat.

Does anyone have any idea if this could be an issue with her vision, and, if so, how does one go get it tested? I highly doubt she'd read an eye chart; although if this were Simon, I'd say "bring it on!"

I suppose what I'm asking is should I be worried, and frantically calling the vet? Or just let it go and get her checked when we go in in March?


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If she were mine, I would probably get it checked out now, just in case the vision problem is progressive and she was slowly going blind. A vet will be able to examine her eyes, loking for cataracts, glaucoma etc. If he/she can't find anything but still suspects a vision problem, you could take her to see a veterinary opthalmologist, just to make sure her eyes are OK.
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