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Cat Attacks and Seizures ??

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My cat is Scooter. He's 10 years old, a black domestic long hair cat and the love of my life.

I'm curious if anyone has experienced what I have in the last year. Maybe 6 times in the last year, Scooter has attacked me in the middle of the night . . . jumping at me and biting hard. When I turn on the light, his eyes are large and he looks like he doesn't know what he's doing. A friend has suggested that he is having seizures so he has an appt with the vet next week to get blood test.

Has anyone ever experienced this or heard of this before?

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I would try burning a night light for him and also invest in a comfort zone room diffeser www.biovet.com both may help-

Good luck with the vet appointment, I hope they narrow it down for you
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Years ago, my Sasha<RB> was having seizures where he'd cry, look over his shoulder and bite at his back, then he'd growl and charge me. My other cats actually threw themselves between he and I on one such occasion.

We put him on medication, and later I found out, I had quite a gas leak going on with my older furnace, and it hwas going on for some time I was very lucky per the furnace guy...anyhoo, once I fixed that, we were able to take Sasha off the meds, and he never had another seizure, and lived a good number of years more.
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Thanks so much for your thoughts and ideas. It's amazing what I've found on the website of things that you would never consider . . . like a furnace or devices to use.

Scooter gets his blood test on Tuesday and I've got a lot of info that I'm going to discuss with the vet (she's going to think that I'm crazy).

Thanks again!
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