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Lab Fees

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Does anyone know what the average cost is for a Feline Blood analysis? The test includes, CBC, Thyroid Level Profile, Feline Viral Titers & Diagnostic Blood Profile. I was charged $110.00, which seemed somewhat expensive. Could this be correct?
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I think when I had Gizmo tested for Feline Leukema/FIV, my vet charged me around $40.00
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Our vet's blood work doesn't include the tyhroid level profile & the viral titers & it costs 40 $.

But those 2 are the expensive tests, so I think 110$ is maybe a little bit evpensive, but not too much.
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Before she died last year, I had Whitney in for a complete blood panel and a fructosamine test. Together they were about $100. I have a friend in Jacksonville, I can email her and ask her what she pays...

I'll get back to you.

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A lab generally charges 50.00-60.00 for that panel. Of course everyone's markup is different.
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I believe $60-$70 is what the vet charged me, but he charges much less than the vets over in the adjacent "Big City", Bakersfield.
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