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In need of some canned food advice

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I'm trying to switch my cats to a "pet store" brand of natural canned cat food, but running into a problem with one of my picky boys. Fergus will only eat food that is in chunks, slices or shreds. If I try to get him to eat canned food that's ground or pate-type, he gives me a very dirty look and then makes "covering" motions over the plate. I've already tried several brands (Merrick and Innova, for two), but he refuses to eat them. I was wondering if anyone knows of any canned foods that are chunks or slices, so I can buy something that I have a small chance he'll eat. Thanks!
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Depends on how natural you want to be. If you want super premium best on the all natural market, you want Active Life shredded or chunky...unfortunately it's hard to find as they went out of production until sometime later this year (I called the company, they do not have a specific date yet, but are still planning on rebeginning production in 2005). Some stores who bought in large bulk still have some of the 11 flavors and several textures available.

If you are also feeding a good quality dry, so it would not be the entire diet, Wysong's just meat canned food is very juicy with natural texture..it's meat (choose from venison, turkey, rabbit etc.)and nothing else.

If you just want chunks and slices, Fancy Feast has a number of "sliced" varieties, as well as a shredded and minced line.

Petco's brand - PetGold has excellent seafood flavors..open the can and that is what you see and get, real seafood.

That's all my almost dinner time mind can come up with, I'm sure others will chime in I am surprised about the Merricks, since they have such chunky, gravy'ish flavors.
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This has been a lifelong issue with Sasha. I swear that boy only likes food that looks like it came from the table of Henry VIII or fresh off a bone. He too will only eat "grilled, sliced" etc., and will not touch the pate style of food. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the more ogranic and super natural brands have the smooshy stuff. So what I have done very slowly is to work a little bit into his Fancy Feast shredded and sliced and grilled stuff and he is ok with that. Or, I will top the more "granola" food with a treat, like crumble Wildside Salmon cubes on top - and if I don't, I certainly "hear" about it, believe me!! Active Life has discontinued a very healthy and pure Chicken Fricasee, which looks like Henry VIII pulled it from the bone himself. It was Sasha's favorite and they are due to resume production this Spring sometime. I think Pat might have some data on that. I do empathize!
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I am not sure of the brand , I am sorry, but it is like a stew and comes in those big cans . It is sold at whole foods I do know that. Also if active life comes back they also have chunkier food. Good luck
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I would LOVE spot's stew if they didn't insist on using garlic. All requests (believe me multiple from me as a biz owner and cat owner, members of another list I am on) to make a version without has brought only (though this is *very* nice) their recipe so one can make it themselves, without the garlic.

Cans are convenient, and premade cat food is a convenience..I do wish they'd reconsider!
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Though it's not a pet-store brand, Special Kitty, which you can buy at Wal-Mart, has quite a few varieties of sliced canned foods. My cats LOVE the taste of it! They bug me until I give it to them!
Hope all works out!
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Dori is very picky like that and thats why we ended up with the Merrick which she loves. Did you by chance try the Grammy's Pot Pie flavor? That is one of the flavors that looks like real food, the other is Thanksgiving Day, that has regular food texture to it as well.
Another thing I thought of when I read your post, is sometimes Dori does the "covering motions" you described around her dish. It's like she thinks she is burying it with the carpet She lets it sit there a few minutes and watches me in the kitchen making coffee etc. then about 5 or 10 minutes later she eats it. I don't know if you have ever tried leaving it down for a few minutes (not too long since it can spoil) but maybe seeing if she eats it then.
I also warm Dori's in the microwave for about 8-10 seconds. She likes that as well.
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Nutro Max Cat has several "chunk" versions of cat foods."California Chicken Supreme" is one i know is chunky, but i think almost all are chunky or sliced in that line. I actually have quite a few cans as I tried to switch my kitten to that food, but the chunks disagreed with him and he puked it all up. Gross. SO I got their pate style Natural Choice Indoor cat formula- no problems there!

Nutro is a great food though- check it out.
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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I've tried a couple of different Merrick flavors and Thanksgiving Day was this morning's attempt. At first it seemed like Fergus would go for it -- he actually ate some, but then he decided he didn't like it after all. I even tried sprinkling some bits of Merrick dried beef fillet on top; Ferg managed to pick them up off the top of the plate without getting too much of the canned food. Our dog Riley has certainly been enjoying the cat food experiments, as whatever is left after Fergus and Baby finish usually ends up mixed with his kibble.

I'll check out the Nutro; I knew that the Natural Choice kitten food was chunky, but I wasn't sure about the other brands. I'm also going to look for a source of Active Life. Again, thanks for the tips!
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Oh, and I loved the dsecription of Sasha eating like Henry VIII. We don't call Fergus King Cat for nothing!
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Originally Posted by njcatmom
Oh, and I loved the dsecription of Sasha eating like Henry VIII. We don't call Fergus King Cat for nothing!

Amy! On the Active Life - Pat stocks it, but they have the smooshy kind and then the "Henry VIII" kind, and the labels are almost identical so be careful. The latter, for whatever reason, is not in stock anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. They have their home base in Colorado, and I guess are building a new factory, hence the wait time. I don't know why they can produce the smooshies but not the ones Sasha likes, maybe they're short of serfs! or is it squatters? anyway, I did a google search for any and all Active Life and found plenty but not the fresh-pulled-from-the bone. Double check w/Pat, you can find her on the Marketplace Board.

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