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My sister took these pictures of Peppurr, I thought I'd share them with you!

Doing "the sit".

Chubby guy!

"Give me that camera!"

"It's mine now!"

Close up.

Another close up.

A cute black and white picture.

"Am I sweet or what?"

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Oh, he's DARLING!!!
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Here's one more...

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Oh my, Peppurr is so beautiful, he does have a sweet face.
Love all the pics!
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Awww Peppurr is so cute!! I love how he's comin after the camera... cute cute!!

And I'm sorry for the loss of Zipper..
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Aaaw...Peppurr is beautiful!!! I love the 'sitting' pic, it really made me laugh!!!
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*big grin* Hes got obvious personality and lots of it. And hes so shiney too!
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So cute
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Peppurr is so beautiful! Looks as if he wants to take the pictures!
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Peppurr is blushing! LOL! Thanks for all of the lovely compliments!
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OH YES!!! you ARE sweet!!!!

Originally Posted by Crazy-Cat-Lover
"Am I sweet or what?"

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That first pic is brilliant!!!
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Awww, Peppurr is soooo cute!!!
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