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She whines... any ideas?

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Our kitty "Callie" occassionaly whines... it is when I hug or nuzzle on her... she is an amazingly affactionate cat. She is a real lover... lays on her back to get her tummy rubbed... www.bbhughes.com

Here is our web site with her picture....

I had always been a "dog" person, but for various reasons, after having to have my last dog, a dobbie that I'd had for 12 years, just couldn't go through that again.

We have this "Turkish Van" that is the most loving creature, and I wonder why I hadn't had a cat before.

I have been told that she is not a "normal" cat... she is loving, and just can not get enough attention... (mostly)

I am a stay at home Dad... homeschooler... but, I digress

any ideas on the whin? It is sooooooooo endearing.
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I'd like to know what to do about whining too. Kionu is the biggest whiner ever. He whines when he wants to play, or if you don't play with him, when he wants to eat or he'll whine "just because". Most of the time it's okay, but there are times when he whines like a baby. He'll whine for at least 10 minutes straight without giving up. I assume it's a behavioral issue...
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mikonu, that video of kionu digging is so cute!, when kionu looks at the camera you just wanna pick up and cuddle like crazy! you got anymore video's of that cute kitty! awwww i'd pay to see more of her on movies!!

BTW my friends cat also does this whining thing, i usually only hear it when shes (the kitty) on my lap, I think to myself maybe i'm doing something wrong or she doesn't want to be stroked but if I stop she starts meowing really really loud! I didn't think to ask why her cat whines!

i'll ask her for you

sarah xxx
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I would guess that the whine is a form of verbal communication, used to show pleasure just like a purr. I'm caring for a kitten that likes to growl the whole time she is playing. It took me a while to work out that she wasn't ill, in pain or being aggressive towards me or another kitten, it's just her unique way of verbalising.
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Phineas whines when he's somewhere and wants to me to come and pick him up and bring him with me, rather than having to walk allll the way across the apartment himself or if he wants me to pat him and I'm not paying attention, like if I'm doing something else. Like Kumbulu said, I just think it's his own way of communicating - I wouldn't worry unless she's doing it all the time and it's becoming disruptive.
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It is not at all disturbing or disruptive... it's cute. I am blessed by a cat that has no negative habits, to speak of. Every morning she follows me around the house, nuzzling, and begging to be held. Heck as I am sitting here typing, she just had to be in my lap...

I don't know much about cats... but I sure like the way this creature behaves...
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Awww my kitty does this too! Its so cute!! It seems like its always female cats who do it, none of the males I've had have ever whined, but the females do it a lot. Around my house we just say she's talking to us.

If you listen to a female cat with her kittens, they make this same noise, so it may be somewhat related to that.
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My Scarlet is a total whiner. He whines when he's bored or put out about something. Sometimes he'll just whine a little with each footstep as he walks across the floor, it is so cute.. like mrph, mrph, mrph... other times he can carry it out to one long mmmmmuuuuuuuuuurrrrrppphhh if he's trying to get sympathy (for example if another cat is getting some love).
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My little girl is really whiney too. Sometime she just wants to be picked up; sometimes she just whines! My vet said she's just really talkative, so I'm not worried.
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Well at least you think her whining is cute then! My kitten whines constantly, I know she's well, not sick, doesn't want to play (she takes off and hides if I get near her)... I just wish she would learn how to whine in English sometimes!
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It's totally cute... it's more of a moan... when I duzzel my nose onto her back... or give her a kitty back massage...
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Callie is a doll!! I love that she has one orange patch and one black patch on her head. She looks so SOFT, too.

I definitely don't think it's unusual for a cat to be that loving. If you read many of the other posts on this thread, you'll find many TCS members have similar close relationships with their cats. Many stereotypes about cats being aloof and unaffectionate are just wrong. However, it does sound like you found one of the uber-affectionate types who has bonded strongly with you.

My cat, Penelope, likes follow me around the house and even runs to greet me when I come home. Unfortunately, while I feel like plopping down on the sofa and snuggling, she wants to PLAY!! Like Baylee, she'll whine till she gets her way (and not the cute whine your Callie makes).

Anyway, I'm so glad you became a fan of cats! Welcome to TCS!
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