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assorted pics

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more catnip please

mmm brushie-brushie


mis sisters fuzzies sylvester and chloe wanting a turkey fix

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Aww... they do love to be brushed!!!!
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Aww they are cute, I can't believe they like to be brushed.
great pics!
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They are all adorable... the last one of the 2 waiting for a turkey snack .... thats how my boys are .. I cant eat a turkey sandwhich w/out them staring me down & then I always end up sharing !!! Gotta love em
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I love the bag pick. What is it about a cat in a bag!
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Great pictures! Adorable cuties!
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great photos thanks for sharing - they are all gorgeous
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That kitten is adorable! To bad they dont stay that way forever, innocent and unknowing. Very nice kitties *tosses them a treat*
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How beautiful your babies are! What fun, a paper bag, and how sweet enjoying being brushed! Please, may we have some turkey, Mom?
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Great pics!!!
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very cute, nice pics
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sylvester and chloe look so cute just sitting there waiting for some grub
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