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Oh no! Not Zeus too!

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A couple of weeks ago, Zipper lost his battle with hepatic lipidosis. Zeus was very stressed out and depressed because of the loss of his best buddy. He stopped eating and drinking which led us to force feed him. He started eating again and drinking his water. Yesterday, I went over to my moms to give Zeus a bath, he was VERY smelly and they didn't know why. After his bath, I trimmed his claws and brushed his teeth. His breath smelled bad, so I opened his mouth to examine. I noticed that the skin on his front upper lips is peeling, and is swollen and red. I opened his mouth to see if maybe he got something stuck in his gums, to my horror, I noticed a raw circle in the middle of his tongue.

I searched the internet to find out that it is more than likely an ulcer, which can be cancerous. The ulcer is about the size of a penny, and it looks like it ate away the papillae. He is still eating, playing and drinking his water, but I can tell it hurts. Also, in one corner of the ulcer, there is a raised white lump, very tiny, but noticable.

Zeus is going to the vet tomorrow, please pray for him that he will get through this. We couldn't bare losing him too. If anyone has ever experienced this, did your cat make a full recovery? Oh just in case it matters, Zeus is not even 2 years old yet, is this common in young cats?
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oh sweetheart - I certainly am sending ((((BIG HEALTHY VIBES)))) your way - no wonder your frantic - poor little Zeus

please let us know what they say at the vet - I am sure everything is going to be fine!!!
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You poor dear and poor wee Zeus. Prayers and good vibes to you and Zeus.
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Oh no! Sending lots of healing vibes to Zeus.
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I can't believe I'm reading this, sending lots of healing vibes for Zeus.
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Me and my kittys will say a prayer for Zeus tonight. Emma has herpes and from what I understand that is one of the things that can happen, ulcers and problems with gums. Stress brings on her symptoms. Her eyes and nose are always running, worse when she is stressing. I do check her mouth but haven't run into any mouth issues as of yet.

We all send you and Zeus good vibes.

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My thoughts are with you sweetie!
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Thanks everyone!
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OH NO You and Zeus will be in my thoughts.
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I am sending extra strong positive vibes your way!! Zeus is one of my favorite cats at TCS!!!!
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I will pray for you and Zeus. Stay strong.
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any news on Zeus?
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I am praying for Zeus, he just has to be ok!
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Oh no!!!! ((((healthy vibes)))) on their way for Zeus
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Thanks everyone. I went over tonight to check Zeus' tongue, and strangely, it is almost gone? I guess it might've been there longer than we suspected. We will find out when he goes into the vet.
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wow - thats sounds wonderful!!! let us know what the vet says !!!

thoughts still being sent your way until you get the all clear!!
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Oh no! I hope it isn't anything serious.. poor Zeus
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What you describe sounds a little bit like Eosiniphillic Ulcers/Granulomas. Good luck with him at the vet.
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Glad to hear it's looking better! Sending get well prayers
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It could be EGC, as Tanya said, or even feline flu. One of my sister's cats developed flu despite being inoculated. She was two at the time, and developed ulcers on her tongue and the roof of her mouth. The good news is that it cleared up totally after just one week on antibiotics. She was "quarantined" at my mom's house, and I was visiting, so I was the one taking care of her. I don't remember the name of the antibiotic, but it was a pink liquid, had to be refrigerated, and was administered three times a day. I was surprised at how well it worked.
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I can guess how you are feeling and I hope all goes well. He is a lovely cat and deserves to live happily for a long time.
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Here's hoping Zeus is OK!!!
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Yay! Zeus' ulcer healed on it's own. He is going to go to the vet soon because there is something they can inject in his tongue so the ulcer won't come back. It apparently lasts almost a year. Thanks for all the good vibes!
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Oh I am so glad to hear that! Cheers!! Phew! *Big sigh of relief*
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Yay, I'm so happy Zeus is ok.
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Glad to hear Zeus is OK!!!
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I am so happy for you and Zeus!
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Thanks everyone! I am so happy that Zeus is all better! Thanks for all the positive vibes!
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Oh brilliant news!, so pleased he's ok!
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