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My Adventure to the Vet's Office

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Yesterday, my two cats had an appointement to the vet's office at 4pm. Got ready and stuff at 3, I was a bit nervous because I have not taken my cats to the vet for a long time. Anyway, at about 3:30pm, I got Tigger to be put in the cage, my mom helped. He freaked out and peed on me, which I am not surprised about and didn't change my shirt til after I put Tigger in the cage to avoid wasting a shirt. He started jumping around and banging in the cage trying to knock it down and get out, I rushed to change my shirt, got Minka, and put her in the cage, she was a bit easier and easily accepted, even though she hated being in the cage.
I put the two cats in the car, my mom was driving, so I put Minka in the front with my mom, because she was ok, and does not need much consoling as Tigger did, and his cage was huge so it took up alot of space, I sat in the back with him petting him through the cage, talking to him, calming him down, he eventually calmed down and was good for the rest of the ride. Then Minka started geting upset and cried.
We arrived at the vet's office and went in the room. The reception lady filled out some information and stuff about the two cats, then left. I opened the cage to Minka and let her out, holding her, she was happy to be out of the cage, but she wanted to explore the office more, and started getting restless in my arms (I gotta get her nails trimmed, I think I got more scratches on my shoulder from Minka than from Tigger. My mom opened TIgger's cage and petted him, he wouldnt come out of the cage, so my mom just comforted him in the cage. Eventually the vet came in, and she decided to do Tigger first, I assume cuz he's older or more scared or sumthing. Anyway Tigger gave up a small fight when the vet tried to get him out of the cage.
She, the vet, checked him out and stuff, we discovered that Tigger has really bad teeth, and we have to brush it, feed it food that he will actually chew on it, not nibble on it from the front teeth and swallow it, it was the best thing we could do for now, but eventually he will have to come in to get it removed.
After the check up, the vet gave it shots, he was pretty calm about it and was ok. When the vet was finish with him, he just stayed on the counter, trying to hide in my mom's arm surrounding him. I think it was the first time I have seen Tigger let someone hold him for a super long time! (he does not like to be held nor picked up)
It was Minka's turn, and seems healthy and great. She was a bit fiesty when the vet checked her up. Then came the needles, She was one UNHAPPY cat, she screamed, I mean it, screamed when she was shot. Poor baby. After she was done, she put Tigger in the cage pretty easily (I think Tigger wanted to get as far as possible from the lady who he had never met and gave him a shot). It was Minka that gave up a HUGE fight with me trying to get her in the cage. Finally I put her in the cage (I didnt want to put her in the cage, she is great on my shoulder in the car, but my mom said i had to, in case there are dogs in the waiting room and freak the cats out) We went in the waiting room and I put them both on a chair, and got some information and stuff, and then waiting for a fax from a medicard company etc. I went to check on them, I discovered that Minka had decided to take a crap, and stinked up the cage. A lady came in the waiting room and sat beside the cage, that lady was my denist's wife!! but she didnt stay long in that chair and got up to look at something else lol. Minka cried and cried and cried the whole time we were in the waiting room. She started digging her towel that had the poop on it to the front of the cage, so I opened the cage and grab the towel out with the poop on it and closed it before she could get out, almost got out but I got her back in. I went outside and dump the crap off. Came back inside, still crying. Finally we left, the vet said that the medicard will be available the next time we go in.
I put the cats in the car and both were calm, got home, let them out, then my dog decided to be a pain in the ass and pick on the cats. So I shooed her away, she stopped. Tigger went off on his regular events. Minka did the same. By last night, Tigger was back to himself, but Minka isn't, she is still very quiet and calm, not herself, usually she is very very hyper and excited and mischievious, but all she does is sleep and just lay around. She is still the same today, so she may be a little ill, or not feeling well for a while, as it is her first time she got the shots.
Minka has another appointment to the vet next Monday for her to be spayed. I am nervous and worried about it. Minka will be away from me for one whole day, I don't know how I can bare with that!!!
Anyway that's my adventure to the vet's office.
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Wow, that was quite an adventure! It's always an adventure with my kitties too.

I hope Minka feels better soon. I think some cats have a reaction when they get their shots. If it last longer than 24 hours call the vet and see what they think.
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Yikes! No fun at all...
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for a moment i thought u were someone else untill i sAW "days..untill my 19th birthday"
i was like whatttttttttttttttt lol
my kitty isnt so bad at the vet only in the cage too
good luck at the neutering
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Wow! What a trip to the vet! Don't worry if the kitties pooped - it's no worse than a baby with a stinky diaper in a pediatrician's office. Let us know how Minka's next visit goes. Good LucK!
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