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Radio question of the day: 01/26/05

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Are you a stair-taker or an elevator-taker if there are 3 flights of steps?
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Last one, I´m soo lazy...
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Last one, I´m soo lazy...

LOL, me too Rigel...but I should use the stairs for excersize!
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Thanks for you support!!!
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For three flights i'd take the lift!
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haha thats it??
we have no lift and there are 5 flights
and the house in frankfurt has 8 flights and no lift :P
I like stairs
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Stairs during the day but the elevator at night (I think stairwells are creepy at night)
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I used to take the stairs whenever I was at college... elevators were too crowded. Plus they make me nervous.

But these days I'm lazy so I'd probably the elevator now.
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Stairs if I'm alone, elevator if Charlie is with me ( I hate the things, have seen too many movies where they went through the roof.....)
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Elevator,I'm lazy too.
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depends what mood I am in, but since I have one floor to go when I get to school, I usually take the elevator since I've already put in a 12 hour day!
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I run up the stairs!
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LOL the elevator! But thats only because its across the hall! If I lived at one of the ends I would take the stairs
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Oh stairs - definitely, even when I'm going from the basement lecture theatre to the sixth floor at work.

Mainly because a couple of years ago I was running late for a lecture, so decided to take the lift to the sixth floor. IT GOT STUCK!!! - I was in there for 15 minutes with this poor Chinese chap who'd only been in the country a couple of weeks and didn't speak much English. I was trying to tell him it would be ok but I don't think he understood. Security came and isolated all the power on the roof of the building, the prized open the doors so we could breath (it was summer and very hot and sticky). Then one of my students came down to find out where I was and stood there talking to me through the lift doors.

After 15 minutes they eventually got the doors fully open, but we had stopped about three feet below the next floor and the security guard had to haul me out by my armpits - in front of my students.

They asked me if they were still getting a lecture (as there was only half of the lecture time left) I told them if I got stuck in a lift rushing to meet them, they were definitely going to sit through the rest of the lecture

I always take the stairs now!
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I guess it depends. If I'm late, then I take the elevator, if not then I take the stairs.
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Heehee...I am trying to get my "cute" butt back, so the stairs for me! But I always take the stairs, anyway!
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Elevader if its fast. I'm a lazy girl!
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Elevator, unless it's taking too long to arrive!
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Depends on how I'm feeling at the time and how much of a hurry I'm in.
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Depends on what I have in my hands. If I'm not carrying anything then I'll take the stairs but if I have something that I need to lug around elevator here I come.
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Elevator taker I have bad knees and going up more than two flights really does a number on them. I'll walk down the stairs however, no matter the number of flights.
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Stairs to go up, unless it's a lot of floors - my dad's an elevator mechanic and I've heard some horror stories (about how long people were stuck....not anyone falling or anything like that), and I just don't have the time to spend an afternoon stuck in one of those things. I also always take the stairs down.
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umm. depends. In school I would take the stairs because only handicapped kids and profs took the elevators and I didn't want to seem lazy (although the elevators are for everyone). If I'm carrying luggage I'll take the elevator, or if I'm tired, but usually the stairs.
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I run up the stairs too!
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