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Make a Member Feel Good - PinkDaisy226!

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Today, I am nominating Ariana for the Feel Good Member of the Day!

Ariana, I have really enjoyed getting to know you recently. You are kind, fun, a great kitty-mom, and I'm really happy I've met you.
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Congrats Ari! Ari is very kind and caring, and has a great sense of humor. She helps whoever she can, whenever she can. And she has great taste in t.v. shows.
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Ari is such a great friend, and just as sweet as she can be! We have such fun sharing thoughts and humor throughout the day or night since we both often keep odd hours, and we love to share stories about our babies! She is a wonderful Mommy, and has learned everything possible to provide her babies the best of everything! She's also so very wise to be continuing her education in pursuit of her goals in life!I could go on and on!
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Ariana I too could go on and on about how I feel about you. Recently I've gotten to know you better and I truly am a better person due to that.

You are so genuinely comforting and caring and seem to know the right thing to say at the right time. You are so silly sometimes to feel that you're coming across sounding "dumb" as you've said.

Your words speak volumes. I am very happy to call you my new "favorite friend" and I thank you for all you are! Congratulations and have a great day reading all the wonderful remarks about you........you certainly deserve it!
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Yay! Ariana is a kind and thoughtful person. She is always there to help out when someone needs her.

I've enjoyed my time on TCS chatting with her about cats, life and Gilmore Girls.
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I too have had the pleasure to get to know Ariana through PM's. I do hope gal that you can figure out the balcony crises before you let your new kitty out into the house. Your kitties are lucky that they have found such a kind-hearted person to share their lives with!
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Ari's lovely - I love talking to her about kitty things and everything else we find to talk about. She's funny and kind. I wish her all the luck for the future and hope that she her dreams come true. Congratulations on being chosen for the day Ari.
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Hi Ari! Congrats!!!! how can not say nothing to you?, your post are soooo cool! and your humor sense preettiie good!!!!
I´m proud to meet you here on TCS!!!!!
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Ariana, what can we all say?? You are a true sweetheart and a good friend to us all!!
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Ari you've got to know everyone very well quite quickly and thats a good sign in my books!.

And you've done the brilliant thing of taking on another kitty to have twice as much fun!
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:claps: One thing i admire about you is that you dont like your job and that you are studying to be a teacher.
Actually i dont know you very well
But i do love seeing your siggy!
Now i have to get used to the new siggy with the new member of the family
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Aw you guys! You're gonna make me cry! Seriously, Heidi showed me this thread and my eyes got all watery... and I'm work, they frown at that!

I love you guys... all of you... you make my day, help distract me when my job is dragging me down, help me learn so that I know what's going on with my cats, and I just generally smile whenever I read your posts.

Thanks for saying all that you have... I appreciate it, and it brought a lot of to me and my day!

Fwan... no worries! We have plenty of time to get to know each other!
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Now im excited
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Thanks for all the advice you have given! Beaker and I appreciate it, good luck in your search for a ragdoll of your own.
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its all been said already Ari and I echo what everyone else has said - I love you my friend
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Ari- is sooooo sweet and she has the patience of a saint!! You are willing to help out anyone with any kind of issue they are dealing with and you don't seem to mind at all!! I wish there were more people in the world like you!! Thank you for being you and helping me out with my school project I had a couple of months back and giving me great advice for Mittens!!
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Ari -- I would never imagine I'd meet such an awesome friend on these forums. Its been great getting to know you these past few months: sharing our kitty troubles, our apartment trouble, our boy troubles.

And I am so excited about your chance to go back to school and be a teacher. you are going to be great!! Like everyone else said you are so sweet, caring, giving, and patient.

Baylee and Max are lucky to have such a wonderful mom (and dad too...!)
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Ari has been so sweet to me and has been so kind and helpful. She makes me feel like purring!
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Yeah Ari!! I am a little late on this, but girl, you deserve it!! You are so thoughtful and funny and just plain hilarious! Bay and Max are so lucky to have you...and Dillon is, too
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Ari is such a love. She's always there to help, out, or to makesome feel better. She's also a wonderful momma to her babies.
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Congrats!!! Ari, you are indeed a great friend!!! I am glad we get the chance to talk and you have become one of my newest im friends. I am also glad you are continuing on with your education. From just talking to you I can tell you are a smart woman who will go places. I enjoy our conversations and can't wait to talk again soon. This couldn't have been given to a sweeter person. Lets give the girl a hand. :clap:
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Hi, Ari! Congrats! Lesseee..... What can I say to make you feel better???? Oh I know! Only 30 days until your birthday!!!
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You guys are so great! I hope you understand how much y'all mean to me. My boyfriend thinks I'm lonely because I don't hang out with other people and I'm always on my computer when he's out. But I'm not, I have some of the best friends in the world and they're on this site. I feel so lucky when I wake up and find a PM in my box from one of you, when I manage to connect with someone new or even talk about something silly ("i'm your best friend", "no you're my best friend") for a while. I don't have a good job right now, don't really have "real life" friends I can go hang out with, and I barely see my boyfriend lately... but I have you guys, and for that I feel lucky.

Oh and thanks Chris! I love birthdays, can you tell? Gee, I'm such a nerd!
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Ariana always has something kind and amusing to contribute to any thread. I love reading her posts and I love hearing about (and seeing cute photos of) her beautiful kitty-cat, Baylee!
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I'm sorry, Ariana -- I just read the Max thread! That's so great that you got a brother for Baylee and a boy cat for your boyfriend to love on!
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Congrat's Ari! I just noticed the thread and I was so excited to see that today was your day!! You are one of the sweetest, kindest people I've met on this site, so far... I appreciate your advice so much... Thank you for always knowing what to say!... You've listened to me vent so, if you ever need to vent to someone, I'm just a PM away!! Also, you're a wonderful mommy to Bay and Max... and if Malakai has his way... we'll be one big furry family soon! LoL Now, he has to try and win over Bay's older brother! LoL
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Oh yeah! and, cool new siggy!!!
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Ari, you are a nice and sweet person. What everyone here said about you is so true. Three cheers for Ariana!
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Well, being that I was one quarter shy of a roll yesterday, my brain is finally seeing this today! Sorry I am late--but I wanted very much to say that:

Ariana is a wonderfully warm, bubbly, super-nice person and I am quite a fan of Baylee from the moment she joined TCS!
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Oh, Ari! So sorry I am late on this!!

Just to say that you are a great friend and I you!

By the way, now that my review is over, i'll send you lots of pics!!
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