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Kitty has worms?

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Yuck..one of my kitties was sitting on my lap and left some white little things on my arm, ..the famous "grains of rice" in other words worms I think? I noticed 1 or 2 white specks on her bloomers before but I thought it was something she sat on..She & another were at the vet to be checked for worms some days ago. One tested negative and the vet said likely she didn't have worms either since they share litterboxes..should I take the 'grains of rice' to the vet??
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Is it worms or flea larvae? If they look like small white grains of rice and are mooshy when you squash them, then they are tapeworms. If they have a defined body and move around quick they could be flea larvae.

Either way your cat has fleas and she needs to be safely flea-treated with Frontline, or Advantage that you should get from your vet. If you have mulitple cats, it is quite possible they all have fleas, and therefore tapeworms. But run a fecal into your vet to be sure-
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Update; she has tapeworms. She was put on Cestex, in pill form. I never had problems with her and others getting their medicine..well, there's always a first time If she swallowed 1% of it I'm bragging..It must be awfully strong 'cause she ate a bit, grimaced and looked like her food was poisoned or something. Tried to give it to her twice but no.
So we'll try to shoot it down her throath with a pill gun (thast's what the vet recommended) how far down it'll get I don't know..but's worth a try..
Now if she has worms, doesn't it follow that she would have fleas (she doesn't) and the other kitties would be infected too? I didn't get to talk that over with the vet, maybe tonight..thanks much for your reply!
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My cat has had these little white specks he has been leaving around the house( they are very small but visable, smaller than a grain of rice. it looks more like the round end of a pin), on desks ect. they are in large numbers. i used a magnifying glass on the "eggs" ( what i think them to be) and i noticed a small swift moving worm moving about. just saw the one worm, but lots of eggs.

i dont know what to do about this.

he cant be let back in the house... i need to act fast.
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You need to take him to the vet to get tapeworm meds. If your cat has been seen at the vet within the last year, sometimes they will just give you the meds if you describe the worms. You also need to be treating him wiht flea medication, Frontline or Advantage. They normally get tapeworms from ingesting a flea.
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