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Cinammon went after Tigger!

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Hi, I am relatively new to this site! Well, tonight, Cinammon went after Tigger. She didn't bite her, but she did get some of Tigger's fur in her mouth. What is provoking Cinammon to act like this? We've been separating them...... Cinammon stays in our room, Tigger gets to stay out & about. We have been supervising them... I bought a book called The Cat Who Cried For Help by Dr. Dodman. In one of the chapters entitled "Give Peace A Chance" it was about a couple who had 4 cats & introduced another cat. They had the same problem exactly like ours!! Dr. Dodman ended up giving the the aggressive cat, Stormy, medication. He prescribed buspiron (BuSpar). It eventually took the aggression out of him! Anoter situation was w/ 2 roommates who had 2 cats. They both didn't get along, etc. He gave the timid cat BuSpar & the aggressive cat Prozac...... it worked!

Sooooo, I guess my question is this: Should I take Cinammon to the vet to have her checked out and talk to the vet about the medication? According to Dr. Dodman, it has no side effects, doesn't cause them to be drowsy, etc. It's an anti-aggression medication. Has anyone ever done this to a cat?

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I have heard about this course of treatment. Most things can be solved without it. When drugs are used, it's usually together with a behavioral treatment.

You may want to ask the advice of a certified cat behaviorist before you put them on anti-aggression medications. Maybe you should ask your vet to refer you to a local behaviorist and see what they think.
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Hi Tigger,

I had a problem with aggression with my first two cats (male and female). Casey would chase Mollie Rose and try to mount her even though he is neutered. She'd finally get away from him and he'd be spitting her fur out of his mouth. I asked my former vet about it and she tried drugs with him. I felt really bad because when he was on the stuff he was very withdrawn and hid in the closet. I took him off of it and just decided to give him a little more TLC. He still goes after Mollie (when I'm at home he either gets kitty jail or a squirt with a water bottle). At night, because I don't feel like jumping out of bed a million times a night to break them up, I close him in my spare bedroom. He's happier, and me and Mollie Rose get our sleep. And now that I have 6 other cats, he's more of a scaredy cat.
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