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Kitten Questions

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The kitten, Karla, seems to be about six weeks old. I tried to feed her some dry food(I crushed it for her). But she wouldn't take it. How old does a kitten have to be before it is weaned from his mother's milk? Should I wet it with milk or water? Or should I give her canned food? I've been giving her some milk and some chicken broth so that at least, she has some nurishment. Thanks.
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Kittens can eat at 6 weeks, but they should still be getting thier mothers milk. It would be best if you mix the dry kitten food with some KMR. Just let it soak until its soft enough to eat. You can also give them kitten wet food as well.
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Not that I'm any kind of expert, but my 6 week old kitten eats canned kitten food ( She likes Whiskas Kitten Growth Formula) and I add a bit of water to it to make it a bit easier for her. She seems to like it best when its warm...after opening a can, I refrigerate the remaining food and I always warm it up a bit when its time to feed her again. She occasionally crunches a bit of dry food from the adult cats bowl, but likes the wet food better. I plan to gradually switch her over to dry food during the next few weeks by slowly addding more and more dry kitten chow each day. Good luck with your little furball!
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